SSL C100 HD-S Digital Broadcast Console

Designed for critical on-air and live production applications.

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Around the world, leading broadcasters rely on C100 technology to deliver reliable, sonically superb performance.

Both the C100's operation and underlying technology have been designed for freelance-friendly, reliable operation. And where other systems scale capacity & performance, C100 is different in scaling only capacity to match requirements.

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Scale Capacity – Not Performance

Whether for small-scale fixed installations, mobile solutions or complex multi-studio installations, we have a versatile, scalable system that is custom configured to match your particular requirements. SSL’s unrivalled end-to-end consultancy, project engineering, installation and service teams ensure that you get precisely the right system, expertly installed, with exemplary training and outstanding ongoing service and support.

C100 Means An Environment For Excellence

By providing the very best in quality, reliability and control, the C100 creates an environment for achieving excellence in all associated fields of work:

The Best Operational Interface Available Today

The C100 is the most advanced dedicated broadcast audio control system available today, having evolved from two decades of broadcast console design expertise. SSL consoles are in use 24/7, filling a huge range of roles at broadcast facilities worldwide. Operators of many of the most sophisticated systems in high profile, demanding productions, in critical on air environments, rely upon the C100.

Compact Control Surface for Simple, Freelance-friendly Operation

The C100 presents the operator with the ultimate mix control system. Assignable and dedicated hardware and touchscreen controls combine to provide an uncluttered work-surface for controlling ‘on-line’ operations, while retaining easy access to more complex functions. Everything from the console layout to the quickly manipulable channel layering, and even the console’s colour scheme, is designed to create a pleasant, sustainable working environment for coping with complex and lengthy sessions.

Traditional signal flow – every channel has full processing as standard
SSL consoles scale capacity not performance. When you specify your console’s required channel count, we ensure that there is enough DSP power available to provide dedicated EQ, Dynamics and Panorama processing for every channel and bus. Because you are never forced to compromise in terms of available DSP power, you will never need to lose time allocating and re-allocating DSP to audio processing and routing functions.

Highest quality audio leaves you free to concentrate on production
Solid State Logic consoles set audio quality benchmarks for other manufacturers to follow. All SSL consoles deliver a pristine audio path with exceptionally low noise floor and very high bandwidth, offering legendary depth of tonal quality. With SSL you will never need to question the audio fidelity of your console or its processors, giving you peace of mind that your work will always sound superb.

Powerful 5.1 production tools
SSL consoles are trusted by audio professionals worldwide to deliver the pristine audio signal path required to meet the demands of HD 5.1 audio. While all six components of a 5.1 stem can always be manipulated individually, they are presented as a single signal on the control surface, making them deceptively easy to handle.

Constant total system status feedback via TFT screens
With the C100, you can see your entire environment all the time, without the need to constantly scroll through screens. Touchscreen meters provide a constant display of every bus signal, while detailed displays of a wide range or parameters, from signal processing to surround panning, further enhance the ease and precision with which your mix is crafted.

Built To Perform Under Pressure

The C100 offers the exceptional level of reliability which SSL customers have come to expect, and which the broadcast industry demands. In addition, its powerful routing capabilities and capacity for integration into a broadcast facility place the minimum of burden on the engineer’s shoulders.

Primed for Reliability
Built and installed entirely by SSL to match your exact specifications, accompanied by full on-site training and long term technical support, the C100 is primed for reliability. Its extensive redundancy, rapid self-healing DSP and remote diagnostics make intrusions into the control room a rarity.

100% proprietary, robust, virus-proof hardware & software
The C100 is manufactured to the very highest standards at SSL HQ in Oxford, England with all of the pride and tradition of UK manufacturing. Unlike other broadcast audio systems, all of the C100’s console computer systems are 100% proprietary, so the C100 is extremely stable, robust and 100% virus-proof.

Fully redundant audio & control systems
The C100 comes with a high degree of redundancy as standard, with the option of including full redundancy for all elements of the console. Individual control surface tiles, or bays can be switched off during operation without affecting the audio, and their operation seamlessly transferred to other tiles/bays. All PSUs are dual redundant.

Pre & Post-Sales Support
Solid State Logic enjoys an unrivalled reputation for outstanding service at every stage of your system’s life cycle. During the purchasing process, SSL’s Project Engineering team will work with you to ensure that your system precisely matches your requirements. All C100 consoles are delivered, installed and commissioned by highly skilled, experienced Service Personnel, requiring minimal down-time for installation. On-site training minimizes disruption caused by operator error, and on-going 24/7 support is provided by specialist SSL engineers.

Internal self-testing, error-correcting software
About 10% of the console’s code consists of SSL’s own built-in self-checking, self-healing software. Conditions which might result in a fault are therefore quickly detected, providing the opportunity to correct errors before they are ever realised. Self-healing DSP provides fast, fault-tolerant processing recovery in under 1/5th second.

Seamless Facility Integration
The C100’s high level of audio and data integration means that resource reallocation, and even console maintenance, can be performed remotely with the minimum of disruption.

Quick Reallocation of Projects & Signals
While B-RIO provides local IO over fibre-optic cable, the addition of a MORSE router offers powerful, fully integrated resource sharing throughout the facility, enabling seamless reallocation of projects and signal feeds without any re-plugging, using no external computer systems or third party hardware.

Diagnostics and Fault Prevention
Internal SNMP diagnostics monitors key critical system elements and generates alerts to help prevent problems. In addition to SNMP, because C100 HD is Ethernet based, extensive Remote Diagnostics capability is available either to client support teams within client Firewalls or by SSL support staff located externally if Firewall access is permitted. 

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