84" 4:3 Fixed Frame

Viewing Area: 1718x1289mm

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Well featured and made of heavy-duty material.

PVC Screen surface, with effective scattering angle more than 160 Degree, with high brightness coefficient more than 0.82, high contrast, wide viewing angle, soft light, no visual fatigue after long time use, long life. Adopt advanced processing technology, the screen surface has a stable physical parameter and less attenuation, is flat and free of smell.

Images on the AmberTec Fixed Frame screens are bright and vibrant it’s simply themovies in your own home cinema.The AmberTec Fixed Frame screens are manufactured from aluminium with black frame. The Black frame offers a reference for your eye to improve contrast and viewing pleasure.

The screen material is made of quality PVC,delivering bright images, with excellent picture characteristics for movies and data .

  Weight    Packed Dimensions Total Size Installed Border is Frame Masked Image Area Total Screen Material
84" Fixed Frame Screen  6kg  1744x200x90mm  40x1449x1878mm  80x80mm   1718x1289mm  

102" Fixed Frame Screen

 7kg  2100x200x90mm  40x2237x1715mm  80x80mm  2074x1555mm  
117" Fixed Frame Screen  9kg  2404x200x90mm  40x2538x1944mm  80x80mm  2378x1784mm  

Part No.: CF-084F43P

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