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Integrity, the namesake of the Integra brand, is defined as "A rigid adherence to a code or standard of values".

That's exactly what you get with the CDC-3.4 CD Changer. The best parts, technology and engineering come together to bring you unparalleled music listening experience.

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Exclusive 6-Disc Mechanism
Integra was the first company to offer an exclusive 6-disc carousel in a CD changer. The tradition continues with the newly redesigned CDC-3.4. It features smooth & quiet
mechanical operation, plus a soft blue light which illuminates the disc tray for better visibility. You can also load up to 5 discs while one is still playing for extended listening times without interruption.

Format Compatibility
The CDC-3.4 will play your audio CDs beatifully — even your favorite mixed albums on CD-R/RW are supported! If you also have created your own MP3 collections then the
artist/album/genre "tags" from these files are displayed during playback. True Random Play allows you to mix and match these audio formats for hours of playing time.

Outstanding Audio Quality
We've taken the best digital-to-analog converters and combined them with our exclusive VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) noise reduction circuitry and 8x oversampling for the clearest possible sound from the analog outputs. For digital signals, a "Direct Digital Path" is used to carry the signal to the player's coaxial digital output. This provides a more direct signal path to your receiver via a heavily shielded cable.

Easy Integration
The CDC-3.4 is truly "Designed to Integrate" — it communicates flawlessly with third-party automation and control systems. It also boasts a family of nine discrete IR
code sets, allowing control of several units in a single location with no "cross-talk" between components.

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