Onkyo CS-1045DAB CD Hi-Fi Mini System

CD Hi-Fi Mini System

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Bringing Audio Finesse to Smaller Rooms

The CS-1045DAB gives you the quality of separate components plus the space-saving convenience of a mini system. On the playback side, the CD player employs high-quality Wolfson® DACs to get the most out of your CDs and MP3- or WMA-encoded discs. Complementing that is a handy front-side USB port on the matching receiver, which offers easy playback of iPhone/iPod and flash memory devices. A built-in DAB tuner, meanwhile, provides access to a huge variety of DAB digital radio channels. Of course, the receiver’s main job is to amplify your favorite music. It does this with panache, thanks to an advanced design that incorporates Onkyo’s precision-engineered VLSC™ technology. The system is rounded out by a pair of compact bookshelf speakers featuring Onkyo’s OMF diaphragms and V-Line Edge technology for a tight and accurate sound.

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High-Power Amplifier with Superior Build Quality

Driving the CS-1045DAB system is the R-1045DAB, a compact yet powerful amplifier capable of pumping out an impressive 70 W/Ch. Its highly rigid, anti-resonant 1.6 mm-thick chassis works in tandem with the aluminum front panel to form a sturdy exterior that protects your audio signals from shelf-borne vibrations. Naturally, the matching C-1045 CD player shares the same superb build quality.

VLSC™ (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry)

In conventional digital-to-analogue conversion methods, it is impossible to completely remove noise, which taints the analogue signal and ultimately degrades the sound emitted from your speakers. With Onkyo’s VLSC, data is continuously sampled between two discrete points (via a signal comparison generator), and the difference is joined with analog vectors in real-time to produce a smooth output waveform. The VLSC digital-to analogue conversion method results in a smooth, virtually pulse noise-free audio signal that faithfully reproduces the acoustic detail and subtle nuances of all your audio sources, and breathes life into digital media

Front-Panel USB Port for Single-Cable Digital Connection of iPhone/iPod

The R-1045DAB receiver’s front-panel USB port lets you access MP3, WMA, and AAC audio files stored on a USB flash drive or iPhone/iPod. As the audio signals are transported in digital form, rather than analogue, there is much less chance for signal degradation. End result: your music sounds cleaner and more faithful to the original. Another benefit of the USB input is that it lets you use the system’s remote controller to playback audio files on the connected device.

Quality Speakers with Proprietary Onkyo Performance Features

Designed to match the receiver and player, the accompanying D-145 two-way, bass-reflex speakers incorporate a number of Onkyo speaker developments. The woofer cones, for example, are made from OMF (Onkyo Micro Fiber)—a durable material comprising molded layers of aramid and cotton that give the diaphragm the requisite stiffness to enable a fast and accurate response. This material works in tandem with a new speaker equalizer located in the centre of the cone to effectively absorb unwanted vibrations. Furthermore, each speaker features a soft-dome tweeter to deliver high-frequency sounds with greater finesse.

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