Onkyo CS-245DAB CD Mini Hi-Fi with DAB+

CD Hi-Fi Mini System with Digital Radio. Available in black or white

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Stylish CD Mini-System with USB, DAB+, and iPod/iPhone Playback

Seeking a versatile and ear-pleasing audio system for your office, small flat, or bedroom? Then meet the suavely compact CS-245DAB from Onkyo. As well as playing regular CDs and MP3-encoded CD-Rs, the system features a built-in DAB+ tuner for unlimited access to digital radio. But the playback options don’t end there. On top of the unit is a digital dock for iPod/iPhone, and on the front-side is a USB port that lets you play audio from a flash drive. As always with Onkyo, construction is top-notch. The player/receiver body is supported by seamless steel front and side panels designed to reduce vibrations. The speaker cabinets—edge-rounded, like the main body—are slightly tapered to minimize internal standing waves. And the two-way speaker design incorporates a 10 cm bass-reflex woofer and a balanced-dome tweeter that help deliver a nuanced and musical performance.

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Built-in Dock for Direct Digital Connection of iPod/iPhone
In addition to handling CDs and USB flash drives, the CS-245DAB features a top-loading dock for iPod/iPhone. This direct digital connection allows you to access podcasts and music in a variety of audio formats. As the audio signals are transported in digital form, rather than analogue, there is much less possibility of signal degradation. Tracks on your iPod/iPhone can be browsed, skipped, and shuffled using the accompanying remote control.
Front Panel USB Port for Flash Drives
Now you can use your flash drive as a music source for the whole room. Using the CS-245DAB’s front-panel USB port, you can access MP3 files from USB flash drives that support the USB Mass Storage Class standard. Once your device is connected, you can use the CS-245DAB’s remote control to play back your music.
Note: USB playback requires iPod/iPhone to be removed from dock.
Efficient Digital Amplifier Circuitry for Clean Audio Signals
The CS-245DAB employs digital amplifier circuitry to extract a noise-free signal from digital audio sources. Whether it’s on a standard CD or in a compressed MP3 file stored on CD or USB, your music will sound clearer than ever. Because digital amplifiers can convert power with very high levels of efficiency, much less energy is wasted as heat. With no need for a bulky heat sink, the amplifier design can be smaller and lighter. Hence, the CS-245DAB can provide room filling power that belies its modest size.
Compact Yet Solid 2-Way Speakers
The CS-245DAB includes a pair of bass-reflex speakers that incorporate a two-way design with a 10 cm woofer and a balanced-dome tweeter. The cabinets feature rounded edges and a front-to-rear taper that helps reduce internal standing waves and preserves the essence of your music. Compact in size yet surprisingly robust, these speakers are ideally suited to small and mid-sized rooms.
Active Bass Control
At quiet volume levels, human hearing becomes less sensitive to sounds at the upper and lower ends of the audible spectrum. To compensate for the perceived loss of bass sounds at lower volumes, the CS-245DAB incorporates Onkyo’s proprietary Active Bass Control. This function maintains an optimal balance of low-frequency sounds by making automatic, real-time adjustments in line with the playback volume. Listeners are able to enjoy smooth and natural-sounding bass at any volume level.

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