Xsight Touch

One button to control your devices simultaneously

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Control up to 18 different devices with touchscreen, slide control & stylish charging cradle.


  • Device support: 18 devices
  • Display: Colour touchscreen: 2.2 inch
  • Infra-Red
  • Set-Up: On remote setup, EZ-RC Setup via Internet
  • Screen Keys
  • Keypad Backlighting
  • LCD Clock
  • User Interface
  • Slide Bar
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Charging cradle


  • Control multiple devices without swapping between modes. Up to 18 Activities per remote.


  • Display your favorite channel logos on the screen of the remote, and the remote will automatically tune to that channel by sending a macro when you select the logo. Up to 72 Favorites per remote.


  • Group favorite channels by user (Mom, Dad, Kids), or Genre (Movies, Sport etc). Up to 6 Profiles per remote.

Firmware Upgrade

  • Allows the remote to be updated via USB, so new features can added in the future, for example extra languages, graphics etc.

Brand search

  • This feature will allow the user to search through all Brands in the remote memory.


  • Copy functions of the original remote to the keypad of the Xsight No limitation for learning (32MB)

Volume lock

  • Allows volume control of one device when in a different mode, definable by user.


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