Radial SGI Guitar Interface

Studio Guitar Interface System.

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The Radial SGI allows guitar signals to travel 100 meters over a standard balanced XLR mic cable.

This enables the guitarist to play through a distant amplifier while listening to the performance in the control room. On large stages, the SGI allows a guitar signal to travel from the wireless system to a pedal board and amplifier.

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The SGI employs a proprietary drive and balancing circuit that is made up of two modules:
the SGI-TX transmit module and SGI-RX receive module. The SGI-TX is active with 100%
discreet class-A circuitry and Drag™ control load correction to ensure the most natural sound.
The SGI-RX is completely passive. To eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops,
each module is equipped with isolation transformers that are wired in opposing directions
to counteract any artefact. Best of all, the SGI is plug & play easy to use and comes equipped with power supply.

  • Drive a guitar signal 300 feet without loss
  • 100% discreet class-A electronics
  • Drag Control pickup load correction
  • Transformer isolated to eliminate noise
  • Routes using standard balanced XLR cable

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