Radial TANKDRIVER Reverb Interface

Unique Spring Reverb Tank Interface

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Radial's new TankDriver™ is a unique 500 Series module that allows users to interface to the spring reverb tank in a guitar amplifier and incorporate this unique effect into a recording system.

Designed to fit both the Radial Workhorse frame as well as older API-type racks, the TankDriver features a wet / dry mix to balance the signal plus Shimmer & Boom controls to add top-end or extra boom to the tone. For older reverbs that may be less sensitive, a Drive switch increases the output to compensate. For those who are equipped with a Workhorse, system, the Omniport adds a TRS insert point for easy interfacing to a patchbay.

According to Radial Senior Design Engineer, Dan Fraser: “We originally discussed building a 19” rack unit that would house a reverb tank and pro audio interface, but it seemed crazy not to take advantage of all of the reverbs that are already sitting in old Fender Twins which may otherwise be gathering dust”.

“The TankDriver just made a lot of sense. Not only could we keep the design compact, but because the power supply is shared when inside a Workhorse or other 500 Series rack, this also reduces the end cost.”

Using the TankDriver is easy - simply patch a set of ¼”-to-RCA cables from the TankDriver's front panel to the reverb unit, adjust the levels and you’re set to enjoy the unique ‘twang' that’s only possible from a real spring reverb.

Changing the length (size) of the reverb further alters the tone. Add some shimmer for extra brightness or boom to add bottom end. Set the wet/dry mix and have fun!

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