From the most prestigious, award-winning productions, to music and movies made at home, Avid creates the technology to make the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world.

  • INTERPLAY Media Asset Management

    INTERPLAY Media Asset Management

    Interplay media and production asset management saves time, reduces cost, and provides the power to realize new opportunity. See Products

  • Automation Archive Manager

    Automation Archive Manager

    The intelligent interface between Avid Automation Solutions and archive management middleware. See Products

  • NewsCutter Software

    NewsCutter Software

    NewsCutter video editing software gives you all the tools you need to deliver compelling news packages - from the field or in the newsroom. See Products

  • NewsCutter Nitris DX

    NewsCutter Nitris DX

    Tackle any editing job in news or television production with unparalleled workflow speed and capability. See Products

  • NewsCutter Mojo DX

    NewsCutter Mojo DX

    The news editing HD & SD powerhouse. Cost-effective NewsCutter Mojo DX integrates the proven NewsCutter editing toolset with Mojo DX hardware. See Products

  • MOTION Graphics

    MOTION Graphics

    A next-generation graphics platform built on a revolutionary rendering engine that lets everyone involved in graphics development make the most of their media. See Products

  • SYMPHONY Finishing Solutions

    SYMPHONY Finishing Solutions

    Symphony 6 is now available in a software-only version for a cost-effective, highly versatile solution that works with your existing hardware. See Products

  • Media Composer

    Media Composer

    Gain the speed, ease, and openness you need to bring great stories to life with Avid Media Composer - create in ways never before possible. See Products

  • ISIS Media Networking

    ISIS Media Networking

    Consolidate media assets to a single high-capacity, highly scalable system that can accommodate all the needs of your facility and accommodate future growth. See Products