CP Cases Lightweight E Rack

The Ideal Solution For Critical Equipment When Weight, Strength & Portability Are Vital.

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The CP Cases E-Rack is the ideal solution for transporting critical, fragile equipment when weight, strength & portability are vital.

The 19" ruggidised aluminium electronic transit rack is particularly lightweight and has been designed for commercial and military applications, when protection against physical, climatic and electromagnetic hazards are required, and where weight, strength and portability are critical issues.

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The New E-Rack is constructed from 1.5mm high-tensile aluminium using an innovative folded rim design (patent pending) rather than a welded or riveted extrusion.

Access to the front and rear 19” rack frame is via precision manufactured interchangeable lids. Each lid will be secured to the rack body by front mounted quarter turn latches (allowing front and rear access when stacked).

Positive location between lids and body is achieved by the unique male/female extrusions which incorporate a design copyright silicon seal giving all weather protection to levels exceeding IP65.

The 19" chassis is constructed from alochromed aluminium alloy, punched with “burst holes” giving enhanced lightness and rigidity. The chassis is mounted on eight elastomeric mounts, fixed to the outer casing by robust anchor plates, which are focused towards the centre of mass of the case, ensuring the electronic equipment is attenuated against vibration and impact.

The suspended inner chassis can move > 50mm independently of the outer container, and in any direction. An earthing / grounding strap is fitted to maintain conductivity between the equipment and the outer container.


  • Incredibly lightweight.
  • Innovative folded rim design (patent pending) instead of a welded or riveted extrusion
  • Interstacking with Amazon and E-Rack cases
  • Increased sway space to facilitate up to 25mm of internal thermal insulation
  • Fully-rounded corners for friendlier handling

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