Live Sound & Video Production

It's all about the performance and Amber Technology's "live" product solutions include many of the world's most respected and innovative names. Here you'll find precision microphones, vocal and instrument processors, camera systems and guitar effects plus the world's finest interfaces and stage tools to enhance every aspect of your live show.


Pedals, switchers and preamps for musicians who won't compromise on performance.


Astounding state-of-the-art Voice Processing Systems for studio & stage.


Precision audio & video cable assemblies for professional applications.

NTI Audio

Test Solutions for Audio and Acoustic Analysis - Made in Switzerland.


A professional range of dedicated solutions for powering effects pedals.

Silvus Technologies

MIMO radios and Mesh Networking solutions for the Commercial, Public Safety and Military markets.


Stage Equipment, Sound Systems, Microphones, Loudspeakers, Amplifiers, Mixers, Processors.