TC Electronic NDR-1 NOVA DRIVE Pedal

Analogue Overdrive/Distortion Pedal With Digital Controls.

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Guitarists everywhere, start your engines, because your tone is about to take a new turn!

Introducing Nova Drive, TC Electronic’s new dual engine, digitally controllable, true bypass overdrive/distortion pedal, that features the awesome analogue drive circuit ported from the acclaimed Nova System. Nova Drive brings you the great sounding analog circuit from Nova System, with all the digital control that modern guitarists demand.

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Nova Drive delivers classic old school sound that ensures chills down your spine and a wide grin at every riff, lick and face-melter, but digital control options that enable you to integrate NovaDrive into your set-up and tailor the sound with total precision, resulting in more control, resulting in more confidence, and ultimately resulting in a better performance. Finally you have a place to create, store and recall all the distorted and overdriven sounds you could ever need: Nova Drive.

NDR-1 Nova Drive Features:

Programmable All-analog drive circuit
Most guitar players know that analog circuits sound far superior to digital ones, but the control options that the digital domain brings are too convenient to ignore. Nova Drive brings the best of both.

True Bypass
The true bypass design of Nova Drive makes sure the pedal won’t mess with your tone when you don’t want it to. A high quality buffered bypass can be selected as well.

Extensive routing options
The extensive routing options of Nova Drive allows for a wide tonal palette, and a chance to let imagination run wild. Route the guitar signal through the engines in any order desired for great sounds and unexpected but always musical results.

Programmable control
From stomp box to bank mode to full MIDI control, Nova Drive ensures the user can program, store and recall favorite sounds quickly and without effort.

Integration with G-System
Connect Nova Drive with G-System and get real-time control of all of Nova Drive’s parameters from within G-System.


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