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The PolyTune™ iPhone app is a 1:1 port of the award-winning TC PolyTune™ pedal tuner.

It offers the exact same, patents-pending tuning technology and amazing features as the pedal version. In short, guitar tuning has been revolutionized at a stroke - or strum - with PolyTune™, the world's first polyphonic guitar tuner. This cutting-edge technology revolutionizes tuning and accomplishes what has been deemed impossible until now: tuning all strings simultaneously - it's as simple as: Strum. Tune. Rock!

Where the PolyTune™ pedal is the perfect live solution, the iPhone version ensures perfect and swift tuning whenever you're off-stage - and with the iPhone's built-in microphone, polyphonic tuning is now available for acoustic instruments, too!

It couldn't be done - until we did it
The magic lies in a never before seen approach to tuning aimed at speed, accuracy and ease of use. With PolyTune™ for iPhone, you simply strum all strings on your guitar or bass at once, and it immediately tells you which strings to tune, allowing you to get in tune fast, and back to doing what you love the most: playing.

Fever Pitch
Equally effective for guitar and bass, PolyTune™ for iPhone is extremely flexible as well. The reference pitch can be set to your preference and ranges from 435Hz to 445Hz. This guarantees you'll be able to play along with anyone, with any instrument and in any situation.

Drop it like it's hot
If you are a guitarist that likes to play at a different pitch than standard, this is the perfect tool, allowing for dropped tunings from E-flat all the way down to B. Whatever your pitch or tuning, PolyTune™ for iPhone is a sure-fire way to be spot-on, with an accuracy of just plus/minus 0.5 cent.

Chromatic champion
Besides the Polyphonic tuner, PolyTune™ for iPhone has a chromatic tuner that can hang with the best current tuning technology out there, but we are never satisfied with the current norm and added some features to make this tuner's chromatic section stand out from the crowd.
PolyTune App Screens

Tuning modes
Let's start with the two separate chromatic tuning modes, which cater to your individual preferences and needs. Needle mode is for those who are used to the classic view on a tuner. If you want a little more real-time information, we have included stream-mode, which measures even the slightest pitch variation and instantly feeds the info back to you via a rotating motion on the display.

Tuning Magnet
Key to both these great chromatic modes is an ultra-fast and precise response, which is achieved by the use of the unique tuner magnet feature. This slows down the needle once you get close to the desired pitch, making it much easier to get the job done quickly.

Whether you want to use the polyphonic tuner to get in tune, or prefer to go the chromatic route, this pedal has you covered. PolyTune™ for iPhone features ‘MonoPoly', a unique patent-pending technology that recognizes whether you play one or more strings and instantly switches to the appropriate tuning mode.

Tuning as it should be
PolyTune™ for iPhone was our chance to build the ultimate tuning tool from the ground up and finally get rid of some of the current tuner drawbacks that guitarists run into time and time again. Tuners have been around for some 30 odd years and we felt it was high time they got in tune with today's guitarists.

We can't make tuning fun. But we can sure make it a whole lot easier.
We want to do our part for the guitar community and truly innovate the life of guitarists. And with PolyTune™ for iPhone's extraordinary features and cutting-edge technology, we feel we have accomplished just that. We are passionate guitarists ourselves and we work every single day to make all our lives easier and more rocking. We did it for multi-effects with G-Force, G-Major2, Nova System and G-System, we did it for stomp boxes with the Nova series, and now PolyTuneTM is here to give tuning a much needed kick in the A440!

PolyTune™ for iPhone works with the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPod touch and iPad.

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