TC Electronic BC410 Bass Cabinet

500W 4x10" + 1" HF Bass Cabinet.

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Going for big and loud? The BC410 is your choice!

The 500 watt BC410 stacks up to any rig, but it can also rock any venue with loads of bass punch on its own if necessary. However, combining two BC410 cabs will take you on an instant ride to rock heaven and give you a crucial advantage of raw power when the battle begins. BC410 matches perfectly with its smaller brothers too, and it can be stacked both horizontally and vertically as you see fit.

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BC Cabinet configuration suggestions
The Tolex covered BC cabs come in 3 models: 4x10", 2x10" or 2x12", and you can mix and
match as well as stack them both vertically and horizontally as you see fit. To top it off,
the customized Eminence drivers ensure the punch and tightness of the infamous TC Electronic bass tone.

2 x BC210 stacked
Plenty of low-end and power with the precise, fast and defined tone usually associated with 10" speakers
2 x BC410
The Classic 8x10 from a combination of 2x410. Snappy and crisp with plenty of muscle
1 x BC212 + 2 x BC210
For a combination of precision, full body and even more low-end from the 2x12" cabinet
1 x BC410 + 1 x BC212
Cool combination for full low end, precision and body


BC410 Tech Specs:

  • Dimensions: W x H x D 594 x 662 x 426
  • Weight: 27 kg / 59.1 lbs
  • Power handling: 500W
  • Enclosure: Handcrafted wooden box, 15 mm plywood
  • Surface: Tolex covered, metal grill
  • Porting: Rear ported
  • Woofer: 4 x 10" Eminence custom drivers
  • Tweeter: Eminence 33 mm titanium diaphragm

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