ToneBone DRAGSTER Load Correction

Pickup Load Corrector.

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Restore your guitar's full rich tone when using wirless systems.

Restore the full rich tone you lose when you plug your guitar into a wireless transmitter or other types of buffered inputs like those of effects, mixers, sound cards or recorders. Dragster's exclusive Drag™ control makes passive pickups think (and sound like) they're connected directly to a amplifier input by allowing you to precisely dial in the correct amount of impedance loading. Result? Your guitar tone regains it's warmth – it feels 'right' again and your performance sounds great!

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  • Stand-alone Drag control™ load correction
  • Pickup impedance load for wireless systems
  • Regains your guitar's full natural tone
  • Compact - lightweight aluminium construction
  • Bracket for guitar strap or pedalboard attachment

The Dragster’s built-in mounting flanges make it a breeze to attach to a guitar strap and its unobtrusive size and light weight won't slow you down. Few guitar accessories offer the tremendous 'bang-for-the buck' of a Dragster. You will use it on everything.

Dragster - another creative tool to make you sound better from the tone fanatics at Radial!

Dragster™ application - wireless setup:

Plug your guitar into the Dragster's input, then the Dragster output into your transmitter. Now adjust the 'Drag' control on the Dragster to get the guitar sounding just like it was plugged straight into your amp. The Dragster is also indispensible when recording direct to a mixer, using effects and other 'buffered input' situations where improper pickup loading will suck the life out of your tone.

Typical Dragster applications:

  • Before effects or other buffered devices
  • For recording straight into a mixer or recorder
  • Going direct into a PA system
  • In wireless systems

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