Solid State Logic is the world's leading manufacturer of analogue & digital audio consoles and a provider of creative tools for film, audio, video and broadcast professionals.

  • Post & Film Consoles

    Post & Film Consoles

    SSL Post & Film consoles deliver an unsurpassed combination of flexibility, reliability, ease of use and, of course, the magic sound of SSL! See Products

  • Post & Film - Outboard & Software

    Post & Film - Outboard & Software

    SSL outboard systems & software solutions put the uncompromising performance & features you expect from SSL's world-class consoles directly into your studio rack. See Products

  • Music Consoles

    Music Consoles

    Regardless of whether you work in analogue or digital, SSL offers an unsurpassed range to suit every recording application - each with that uniquely magic SSL sound. See Products

  • Music Outboard & Software

    Music Outboard & Software

    A superb selection of outboard processors, I/O solutions & software plugins that deliver SSL's legendary console processing right to your equipment rack. See Products

  • Broadcast Consoles

    Broadcast Consoles

    With a range of models to suit the most demanding broadcast environment, SSL digital consoles deliver the ultimate in sound, flexibility & reliability. See Products

  • Broadcast Outboard & Software

    Broadcast Outboard & Software

    In critical broadcast applications, quality should never be compromised. SSL outboard systems are designed to deliver maximum realibility with pristine audio quality. See Products

  • Gravity


    Gravity is the end-to-end Media Asset Manager that does it all! Win big improvements in production workflow and make your video assets work harder for you. See Products