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The C10 HD brings an unprecedented combination of size, price & performance to the broadcast console market.

It combines the highest standards of reliability and performance for a wide range of on-air applications, with intelligently simplified design & operation, all in an exceptionally cost-effective, compact package. The C10 HD benefits from the world-wide success of the C100 HD console, offering all of the robustness along with SSL’s renowned signal processing, in an intuitive user interface, designed for the smaller budget broadcast market.

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 Key Benefits

  • The quality, features, power and robust reliability of the world’s finest broadcast audio console… in a compact, highly affordable system.
  • Solves many broadcast and production challenges with operational features that simplify and/or automate key features.
  • Helps users of all skill levels deliver professional results with a simple, logical interface that is easy to operate.
  • Straightforward and cost effective to install with DSP processing built into the control surface.
  • A choice of fader configurations and a range of I/O options to suit a wide spectrum of applications and budgets.
  • Production Automation interface maximises productivity with full integration with newsroom automation.

Exceptional Power, Simply Operated

The control concepts developed for the C10 HD are the product of decades of design experience and careful consultation with operators. The result is a console which perfectly balances a capacity for highly detailed configuration and extremely powerful audio control with a simple, logical and sustainable working environment. This is attained through a combination of beautifully organized dedicated and assignable hardware controls, excellent visual feedback and an intuitive central touchscreen. The result is simplicity of operation which belies the processing power and comprehensive feature set within. Advanced users will enjoy the proven power and quality of the SSL on-air audio system in an elegant interface that makes running even complex shows comfortable and rewarding. Less experienced users will learn fast and achieve high quality results with the aid of a wealth of intelligent workflow simplifications and automated features.

Professional Results For Users Of All Skill Levels

The C10 HD has evolved from two decades of expert broadcast console design. The C10 HD builds upon this legacy and is designed specifically for use in broadcast environments where a broad range of individuals with varying roles and skill levels need to use an audio console.

For Advanced Users
Beneath its elegant, uncluttered, deceptively simple surface, C10 HD offers all of the power, sophistication and benchmark performance of the acclaimed C100 HD console. Experienced Operators will find this refined and simplified new control surface makes configuring and running shows a truly rewarding and comfortable experience. Key operational features remain available for immediate hands on operation at the highest level of the control interface and extensive system information is available at a glance at all times. Experienced Operators will also find that when the need arises, they can drill down into the sheer depth and sophistication of the worlds finest and most comprehensive Routing, Monitoring and Processing environment extremely quickly to keep pace with the demands of more sophisticated projects.

For All Users
C10 HD ensures that all users are presented with a system that offers a degree of control and functionality that suits the needs of their role whilst reassuring all users that they will not ‘damage’ the system configuration accidentally. This is achieved through our unique ‘Feature Match’ system where a set of ‘User Passwords’ and administrator defined ‘Presets’ determines the functionality that is presented to the user. C10 HD features a multi-lingual contextual on screen help system that provides extensive operator guidance from within the user interface.

Built to Perform Under Pressure

The C10 HD offers the exceptional level of reliability which the broadcast industry demands, and which SSL customers have come to know. The C10 HD is manufactured to the very highest standards at SSL HQ in Oxford, England with all of the pride and tradition of UK manufacturing.

Proprietary, Robust, Virus-Proof Hardware & Software
Unlike other broadcast audio systems, all of the C10 HD’s console computer systems are 100% proprietary, so the C10 HD is extremely stable and robust.

Internal Processor Simplifies Installation
The C10 HD’s Blackrock processor is built into the console’s chassis. As a result, installation is significantly simplified, requiring very little cabling, minimising installation cost and the potential for wiring failures.

Fully Redundant Audio & Control Systems
The C10 HD comes with a high degree of redundancy as standard, with the option of including full redundancy for all mission critical elements of the console. Individual control surface tiles, or bays can be switched off during operation without affecting the audio, and their operation seamlessly transferred to other tiles/bays. Full DSP redundancy is also available as an option. All PSUs are dual redundant.

Internal Self-Testing, Error-Correcting Software
Self-healing DSP provides fast, fault-tolerant processing recovery in under 1/5th second. A portion of the console’s code consists of SSL’s own built-in self-checking, self healing software. Conditions which might result in a fault are therefore quickly detected, and resolved before they are ever realised.

Diagnostics & Fault Prevention
Internal SNMP diagnostics monitors key critical system elements and generates alerts to help prevent problems. In addition to SNMP, C10 HD features extensive Remote Diagnostics capability, available either to client support teams within client Firewalls or by SSL support staff located externally if Firewall access is permitted.

Control Access Levels
‘Feature Match’ tailors the operator’s access to console functions to reflect their experience, preventing less experienced operators from becoming dangerously embroiled in configuration pages, and ensuring that important settings are not accidentally altered. C10 HD enables Administrators to create Show and Channel Presets that will improve the quality of content output and reduce the time required for staff training.

Production Automation To Maximise Productivity
The C10’s Production Automation interface maximises productivity by enabling the console to be fully integrated into newsroom automation.

Seamless Facility Integration
The C10 HD’s high level of audio and data integration means that resource reallocation, and even console maintenance, can be performed remotely with the minimum of disruption, and allows the console to be conveniently integrated into all components of the broadcast environment.

Quick Reallocation of Projects & Signals
While Alpha-Link modules provide cost-effective IO over fibre-optic cable, the console can be connected to a MORSE Router for powerful, fully integrated resource sharing throughout the facility, enabling seamless reallocation of signal feeds without any re-plugging, using no external computer systems or third party hardware. Because C10 HD and C100 HD operations are mutually compatible, C10 HD and C100HD consoles can share resources within the same installation. 

Maximum Return On Investment

With over two decades of experience delivering audio solutions to the broadcast industry, at Solid State Logic we understand the imperatives of investment in technology. C10 HD fosters the careful economy of budget, time and space which today’s broadcast environment demands.

Simplicity To Maximise Operator Potential
The C10 HD’s elegant and intuitive control surface combine with ‘Feature Match’ control access levels, powerful ‘Dialogue Automix’ abilities and comprehensive multi-lingual help menus to create a console which requires the minimum of technical knowledge and experience from its operators.

Production Automation To Maximise Productivity
The C10 HD’s Production Automation interface maximises productivity by enabling the console to be fully integrated into production automation systems.

Reliability To Minimise Downtime
SSL’s pedigree for dependability minimises potential lost productivity, while its remote-diagnostic and self-healing software, along with its extensive redundancy capabilities, further protect the facility from unscheduled off-air time.

Integrated Resource Sharing/Allocation
Due to the C10 HD’s integral digital routing and networked file management systems, and its operational compatibility with the C100 HD, productions and signal feeds can be re-allocated with the minimum of fuss.

Peace Of Mind & Cost Control With The World's Finest Service & Support
SSL is committed to the highest levels of pre- and post-sales service and support, ensuring you get the performance you need, backed up by our world-class team of engineers and experts. From specification and commissioning, through to installation and training, we’ll be on hand to ensure you get the absolute best from your equipment purchases. Our range of Extended Warranty, Training, Parts and Maintenance options provide peace of mind and predictable product lifecycle costs.

Efficient, Compact Console Design
With the 24+8 frame measuring less than 46” in width (without end trim), the C10 sets a new standard in broadcast console space efficiency, while its versatile channel layering and sophisticated combination of assignable and dedicated control ensure that physical space does not prevent complex sessions from running smoothly. The embedded Blackrock processor core removes the need for machine room rack space, and its convection cooling system has no fans, ensuring no noise is introduced in the control room. 

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