TC-Helicon INTONATOR HS Software Plug-In

Pitch Correction w/- Hybrid Shifting.

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TC-Helicon INTONATOR HS delivers transparent pitch correction for the TC PowerCore Plug-in system.

Intonator HS (Hybrid Shifting) for TC Electronic's Powercore plug-in platform corrects vocal intonation problems on the fly, saving precious hours of tracking and editing time. This plug-in utilizes the intonation correction technology found in TC-Helicon’s hardware products and delivers very natural sounding results within a DAW environment.

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The user interface is straightforward and easy-to-use with a real-time pitch and processing display. Transparent pitch correction, the Hybrid Shifting™ algorithm for natural pitch shifting over larger intervals and a vocal-trained pitch recognition algorithm are just some of the remarkable features of this plug-in. For creative applications, the maximum pitch correction range is +/- 600 Cents, allowing you to force an entire melody line to only one note if you like. Additionally, an innovative Adaptive Low Cut Filter removes unwanted low frequency rumble and noise – without making the voice sound thin.

  • Transparent pitch correction
  • Hybrid Shifting™ formant-adjusting algorithm produces natural pitch shifting even over large intervals
  • Vocal-trained pitch recognition algorithm for glitch-less shifting
  • 48 correction scales as well as custom scales to intelligently correct tuning in many musical genres
  • Easy-to-use interface with visual feedback of input and corrected pitch
  • Adaptive-Lo Cut algorithm intelligently removes low frequency hums and rumbles

A wide range of pitch control methods

* Chromatic Scale - Unlike the other scales and modes, the Chromatic Scale has every key interval active across the keyboard.This scale is best used when you don't know the key that the song is in. With a good singer, there is a strong chance that Chromatic mode will fix all notes correctly.

* Custom Scale - Selecting Custom Scale allows you to manually enter the note intervals by selecting the notes on the plug-in’s keyboard. There is no root key for this scale type.

* Manual Note Mode - Selecting the Manual Mode setting for Scale / Mode allows you to manually enter the note when required from the plug-in’s keyboard.This is best used as an automated function, where you want no correction except for an occasional note.

* MIDI Scale - When MIDI scale is selected, Intonator HS corrects to MIDI notes upplied by your sequencer or a MIDI controller device.There can be any number of notes in a MIDI scale and simultaneous note-on messages are valid.

* Manual Pitch Bender - The Manual Pitch Bender is used to manually control the absolute pitch.When using the bender with automatic forms of correction, the Manual Pitch Bender is in addition to the automatic correction .The pitch bend range is +/-600 cents.

Scales for many musical applications

Major, Minor (natural), Minor (harmonic), Minor (asc melodic), Chromatic, Ionian (Major), Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian (nat. min.), Locrian, Half-Whole Diminished, Whole-Half Diminished, Altered, Neopolitan Minor, Neopolitan Major, Enigmatic, Whole-tone, Leading whole-tone, Overtone, Augmented, Pentatonic (Maj), Pentatonic (Min), Pentatonic (Dom), Blues, BeBop (maj7), BeBop (dom), BeBop (min), Hungarian Minor, Hungarian Major, Hungarian Gypsy, Prometheus, HiraJoshi, Iwato, Kumoi, Hawaiian, Kokin, Spanish, Egyptian, Ritusen, Pelog, Pelog2, Javenese, Pelog, Oriental, Gypsy, Arabian, Hindu, Persian, Chinese.

Adaptive low cut filter

The Adaptive Lo Cut Filter serves many cleanup functions that work in making a better vocal recording.As you may expect, the filter can remove unwanted rumble in the low frequencies and remove hum that found its way into your recording thanks to poorly shielded cables. It can also be used to reduce breathing artifacts derived from a singer that is too close to the microphone. The low cut filter can either be off, on or adaptive. In adaptive mode, the cutoff frequency adjusts with the input pitch of a vocal.When adaptive mode is off, the cutoff frequency may be manually set up to 266Hz. However, when adaptive is on, cutoff can be set to "infinite" which forces the low-cut to track just below the pitch of the vocal.

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