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CP Cases' Amazon Racks can be fitted with optional climate control systems to keep mission critical equipment operational in the field.

Thermoelectric air conditioning systems (A/C) can be mounted directly onto the back of the Amazon rotomoulded rack body and operate in an air tight environment. Our latest product is the new Amazon rack Cooler Collarâ„¢, which extends the Amazon rack body to fit larger coolers and allows the cooler to be transported separately to the main rack body.

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The Cooler Collar for Amazon 19 inch racks has been designed to house an Air Conditioning unit in a separate rack body extension. This allows heavy AC equipment to be easily transported separately from the main rack body when not in use. It utilises the patented Amazon lip and tubular silicone gasket to create an airtight and waterproof seal to allow the AC unit to function in extreme conditions. Where a greater cooling requirement is needed, two Cooler Collars with AC units can be fitted to both the front and rear of the rack.

The maximum depth of equipment that can be fitted in a 610mm rack (when not in the lowest position) is 750mm. The Cooler Collar can also be attached to a rack without an AC unit installed, to extend the maximum depth that can be used to “800”mm.

Available for all Amazon rack sizes (6-12U) and can be fitted with accessories including stowage pouches, wheel kits, pressure relief valves and humidity indicators.

Key Features:

  • Heavy air conditioning units can be transported separately
  • When air conditioners are not used the maximum equipment length is extended.
  • Equipment can be cooled without losing equipment space in the main rack body.
  • Standard sizes available.


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