Primacoustic manufactures advanced acoustic panels for a wide range of applications. With over 30 years experience in studio & live sound, Primacoustic is a world leader in acoustic treatment for both professional and home audio applications.

  • Speaker Isolation Solutions

    Speaker Isolation Solutions

    Primacoustic offers a choice in loudspeaker isolation products to suit various needs and budgets from home studio to post production & broadcast. See Products

  • Room Treatment Kits

    Room Treatment Kits

    Primacoustic studio treatment kits have been developed for rooms with dimensions typical in both residential & commercial construction. See Products

  • Acoustic Panels

    Acoustic Panels

    Attractive, 'easy to install' solutions for acoustic treatment to control primary reflections, eliminate flutter echo and reduce standing waves. See Products

  • Bass Traps

    Bass Traps

    Bass control is without a doubt the most challenging aspect to creating the ultimate acoustic space. Primacoustic offers a wide selection of bass traps to suit every need. See Products

  • Diffusion Solutions

    Diffusion Solutions

    There's nothing more enjoyable than working in a room with proper diffusion. Primacoustic offers a complete array of diffusers to address all needs. See Products

  • Ceiling Clouds & Treatments

    Ceiling Clouds & Treatments

    Treating ceilings can result in the best solution for acoustic sound control so Primacoustic offers a wide array of ceiling panels for all kinds of situations. See Products

  • GOBO'S


    A selection of versatile Gobo (go-between) acoustic control solutions for multi-purpose rooms. See Products

  • IsoTools For Studio & Stage

    IsoTools For Studio & Stage

    Primacoustic offers a complete selection of acoustic isolation devices to attenuate unwanted sounds from entering nearby microphones. See Products