PreComp Combination Mic Preamp and Compressor

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The PreComp is a 500 series module that combines a high performance mic preamp with a fully variable, full function VCA compressor. One merely connects the mic, sets the input level and then the compression for instant results!

This compact all-in-one module is particularly beneficial for high density setups such as live recording where you want to capture the natural sound of the instrument while ensuring it does not go into the red. Those equipped with a Radial Workhorse can use the Omniport to access the preamp and compressor separately using them as two separate modules.


The PreComp is a single wide module, designed to fit the popular 500 series rack format. The design begins with a high performance preamp equipped with Radial's unique Accustate gain control that simultaneously sets the output and sensitivity to maximize signal-to-noise at all levels. This is particularly important when recording in the digital domain where background noise can often be audible during quiet passages.  A full-feature compressor follows with adjustable threshold, compression ratio and make-up gain control that automatically transitions from soft-knee to hard knee as compression increases.  A simple slow-fast switch makes it easy to set the PreComp for either percussive instruments or smoother tracks such as vocals.


Once connected to a 500 series power rack, I/O connections automatically route to the XLRs for balanced operation. When used with a Workhorse, connectivity increases with ¼" TRS connectors and D-Subs and the Omniport provides direct patching to the preamp or the compressor, enabling the engineer to use each processor separately.


Other features include 180° polarity reverse for phase matching two microphones, a high pass filter to eliminate unwanted resonance, 48V phantom power for condenser mics and an IN/OUT switch that lets you quickly compare the original uncompressed signal with the processed result.


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