Dynaudio Acoustics AIR 20

3-way Active, Intelligent Near/Midfield Monitor - 10" Woofer

3-way Intelligent Active Near/Midfield, 10" Woofer, 5.5" 1-piece molded polyprop Midrange & 1.1" Soft Dome Tweeter.

The Dynaudio Acoustics AIR 20 offers stunning transparency, consistent speaker performance and outstanding possibilities for optimizing performance in different acoustic environments.

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The Dynaudio Acoustics AIR 20 was developed for both stereo & multi-channel monitoring in demanding production environments such as:

  • Post Production
  • Music Recording and Mixing
  • Film Editing (smaller rooms)
  • DVD authoring and Mastering
  • 5.1 Production (Audio or Audio for pictures)
  • Broadcast
  • Edit suites

 AIR 20 offers ultimate precision & sound and the ability to rotate the Mid-High module offers the flexibility for optimal placement in a wide range of applications.

The AIR 20 monitor is the first 3-way design integrating the AIR technology. Combining brand new Dynaudio 221 (two-to-one) technology with cutting-edge digital TC Electronic technology, the AIR 20 defines new standards for performance and precision in 3-way powered monitors.

  • 10" woofer, 5.5" midrange and 1.1 soft dome tweeter
  • 192 kHz support via Dual Wire
  • The new 221 (two-to-one) design - Integrating unique Tweeter and Midrange technology
  • Bass Management, with selectable frequency crossover points
  • Advanced Bass Management
  • Acoustic Placement Compensation
  • Preset Storage and Recall
  • Programmable reference levels
  • Level alignment in 0,1dB steps
  • All Monitors aligned within +/- 0.2dB precision
  • Integrated Parametric EQ’s and delay in each monitor (only accessible with PC-IP)
  • Central and Remote control of system and parameters
  • Direct Digital inputs and Analog inputs (optional)
  • Networking in-between all AIR components
  • Dedicated AIR Base subwoofers
  • Two times 200-watt amp package in each monitor
  • Typical listening distance 1.5-3m / 5-10.2ft
  • Typical room size 80-130 m3 / 2800-4600 ft3

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