Dynaudio Acoustics AIR BASE-12

Integrated Sub-Woofer for AIR Series - 1 x 12"

The Dynaudio Acoustics AIR BASE-12 features a 22Hz~200Hz Frequency Response and 500 Watts of power to deliver clear, crisp bottom end punch.

A compact, dedicated AIR Series active sub, the AIR BASE-12 is ideal for small to medium size rooms and delivers the high performance that has become the trademark of Dynaudio Acoustics' AIR Series.

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Combining technology from both Dynaudio & TC Electronic, the AIR BASE-12 offers ultimate precision and total integration with AIR Series monitoring systems.

Use one AIR BASE-12 with AIR 6, AIR 12 or AIR 15 in smaller rooms, or link several BASE-12's in bigger rooms with AIR 20 or 25 and increase the acoustic output with each additional unit.

Through the TC Link (proprietary AIR network), the Dynaudio AIR BASE-12 integrates with AIR series monitors and delivers unique features such as advanced bass management and a wealth of other tweaking possibilities. This subwoofer will be an ideal complement for both stereo and multichannel set-ups for:

  • Editing suites.
  • Post Production facilities.
  • Music recording and mixing studios.
  • Larger OB vans.
  • DVD authoring and mastering.
  • Stereo and Multichannel production.


  • New class D amp with TC technology
  • New 12" woofers specially designed for AIR Base 12 & 24
  • 192 kHz support via Dual Wire
  • Networking in-between all AIR components
  • Central and remote control of system and parameters
  • Acoustic placement compensation
  • Preset storage and recall, and programmable reference levels
  • Integrated parametric EQs and delay in each monitor (PC-IP only)
  • Advanced Bass Management
  • Level alignment in 0,1dB steps
  • All monitors aligned within +/- 0.2dB precision
  • Direct Digital inputs and Analogue inputs (optional)
  • 500-watt amp package
  • Supporting multichannel set-ups

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