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ABB Australia, a prominent global leader in technology electrification and automation has enlisted Amber Technology to join its network of distributors for Building Automation and Lighting Control Systems. 

Building and Home Automation Solutions

ABB's goal is to foster intelligent buildings and influence the future through innovative, unified solutions. Utilizing energy-efficient and forward-thinking technology, they aim to create environments where individuals feel at home, experience heightened security, and can engage in sustainably productive work. This commitment extends from contemporary family residences to exclusive luxury hotels, all provided globally through a single source. 

ABB i-bus® KNX

ABB uses the well-established i-bus® KNX system to transform the way buildings operate. ABB i-bus® KNX epitomizes intelligent building control and smart home technology. In this groundbreaking system, all devices communicate seamlessly through a single bus cable, integrated alongside standard power lines. Operation and display the direct way Networked structures work more efficiently than individual systems. They reduce energy consumption and thus operating costs in buildings, while adding distinguishing detail to the room decor.  

The integration of secure technology plays a pivotal role in achieving control and reducing energy consumption, thereby minimizing the overall carbon footprint of a structure. Moreover, when this technology guarantees the safety of residents and enables seamless control over elements such as lighting, blinds, air quality, and climate, it not only improves user comfort but also functions as a valuable asset in the creation of successful building systems.


ABB Door Entry and Access Control goes beyond a mere door audio and video system. It represents the future of smart home monitoring and security, easily accessible at your fingertips. You can select from various options to tailor the solution to your specific needs  


ABB i-bus® KNX ensures optimal lighting in industrial, office, and residential buildings. Illuminance is continuously monitored and remotely controlled based on specific lighting requirements. The system also supports subsystems, such as 1-10 V lighting control and DALI, along with their interfaces.

Key Advantages:

  • Enhanced energy efficiency through constant lighting and presence-dependent control.
  • Maximum flexibility in lighting design, improved comfort, and well-being with customizable light scenes and sequences. 
  • Increased flexibility through reprogramming or adding devices during operation to adapt to changing needs.

Key Features:

  • Universal dimming actuators for controlling loads ranging from 210 VA to 2400 VA.
  • Switch/dim actuators for switching and dimming electronic ballasts with 1-10 V control interfaces.
  • DALI Gateways for seamless integration of DALI ballasts into the KNX bus, offering special functions such as color control (tunable white, RGB(W)), human-centric lighting (HCL), emergency lighting, and device monitoring.