Professional Microphones and recording microphones

Amber Technology offers a complete range of professional microphones to accommodate every recording need, including broadcasting, film production, sound recording, theatre and conferencing. 

Body-worn microphones: Our range of body-worn microphones are lightweight and flexible, are easy to adjust and offers clean and transparent sound quality with lots of headroom. Our body-worn range includes headsets which are perfectly suited for public speakers, actors, singers and broadcasting. Our miniature condenser mics are well suited for any situation that requires discretion. Brands offering body-worn microphones in our range are DPA Microphones, Chiayo, JTS and Williams AV.

Hand-held microphones: perfect for a range of situations such as conferences, MC gigs and awards evenings, our hand-held mics are versatile and reliable without the hassle of cords. Choose from DPA Microphones, Australian Monitor, Chiayo, JTS or Williams AV for a hand-held microphone in your price range.

Installation microphones: most suited to situations where sound needs to be recorded at a greater distance than that of a stage vocal microphone, such as a podium microphone setup. Our brands of installation microphones are DPA Microphones, Australian Monitor, Chiayo and JTS.

Instrument microphones: combines rugged design with limitless options for instrument placement, allowing you to record audio with studio-accuracy. Our range of DPA instrument microphones also come with a range of clips and mounts for accordion, bass, cello, drum, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, violin and brass. JTS also offer instrument microphones in an economic price bracket.

Recording microphones: our range of recording microphones have the exceptional performance to give you complete control over your audio. These mics produce a distinctive and well-balanced sound quality. Aside from being the number one choice for sound recordists, our studio microphones have also started to make a name for themselves in sporting and conferencing. DPA Microphones and JTS both offer studio recording microphones as well as microphones suitable for other recording situations such as music recording and podcasting.

Wireless microphones: we offer wireless microphone systems that outperform many other wireless systems of a comparable price range. We have wireless microphone systems with or without antennas to suit any of your requirements. Chiayo, JTS and Yamaha offer products to suit your wireless microphone needs.

Microphone Accessories: we offer a diverse range of accessories so you can customise your setup according to individual circumstances. Products include microphone holders, stands, vocal effects, power supply and transmitters. DPA Microphones, Australian Monitor, Chiayo, and  JTS all offer accessories for microphones.