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Professional Microphones

A history of precision and perfection continues to define DPA Microphones to this day.  Each microphone is assembled by hand at the state-of-the-art factory in Denmark. Duirng this process, each mic undertakes at least 200 individual hands-on steps to assemble, then calibrated up to 15 times before final approval; with all sensitivity options done acoustically between the diaphragm and the pre-polarised back plate within the capsule, not in the electronics.

It is this type of ingenious engineering and robust design that makes DPA the professional microphone choice used in Hollywood blockbuster films, Broadway musicals, International broadcasts and for Grammy Award winning musicians.

d:fine™ Headset Microphones

d:fine™ Headset Microphones set the standard for public speakers, actors, singers and broadcast professionals requiring a head work mic with superior voice reproduction, easy setup, comfort and a small footprint. 

The d:fine™ range varies to suit your requirements.  Versions include the Single-ear, Dual-ear and In-ear broadcast headsets with your choice of omni-directional or directional capsule house in standrad or slim headset versions.   d:fine™ Mics are available with standard Legacy or optional CORE™ preamp versions.

d:screet™ Miniature Microphones

Miniature condenser microphones for demanding theatre, recording and broadcast applications, professional business presentations and demanding high security applications where discretion is required. d:screet™ Mics are the leading choice for musicians and engineers in live theatre productions, on the stage or even in the studio for close miking instruments. In film and broadcast, these small condenser mics are popular as lavalier, lapel and tie clip microphones.

d:screet™ Mics are available with standard Legacy or optional CORE™ preamp versions.

d:dicate™ Recording Microphones

Featuring best-in-class directional performance the d:dicate™ Recording Microphone range gives you complete control over the sound you share with your audience. The d:dicate™ range consists of interchangeable microphone capsules, preamps and accessories for the ultimate in flexibility for all music, film and broadcast recording applications in the studio or on the stage.

d:vote™ Instrument Microphones

The award-winning d:vote™ Instrument Mic series combines a rugged design with infinite mic placement options, allowing you to capture the true voice of your instrument. The d:vote™ range offers mics with matched mounting clips for: Accordion, Bass, Cello, Drum, Guitar, Piano, Sax, Trumpet, Trombone and Brass, Violin/Viola as well as Clamp Mount, Stand Mount and a Universal Clip version for a wide range of alternative mounting and instruments.  

d:facto™ Handheld Microphones

The d:facto™ Vocal Mic is engineered to reproduce every voice nuance transparently and consistently. Available in an extremely linear version and a version with a high-end boost allowing you to achieve studio quality in the live arena.

The d:facto™ Interview Microphone is a professional broadcast mic, providing outstanding voice clarity, linearity and low noise. Offering superior wind and handling noise rejection, in most cases without the need for extra foam windscreens or fur windjammers.

The d:facto™ range also features the modular adapter system design allowing you to easily unscrew and fit your d:facto™ capsule onto most leading wireless systems and mic handles.

d:vice™ Digital Audio Interfaces

The d:vice™ allows you to record directly to your iOS device or Mac using any DPA microphone. Whether you are strumming your guitar on the beach or you’re a professional mobile journalist about to ‘go live’, the d:vice™ is a pre-programmable, pocket-sized and easy to use interface for DPA quality on-the-go!

d:mension™ Surround Solutions

Superb performance and innovative design are the hallmarks of DPA's range of microphone systems and mounting solutions for Surround Sound recording for film, live, broadcast and studio applications.

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