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Portable PA and Wireless Microphone Systems

As the first manufacturer of professional wireless microphones in Taiwan (1971), Chiayo were pioneers in their field. Today they're known for the outstanding workmanship of their products, first-class customer service, and ground-breaking technological development as they continue to lead the way for the wireless microphone market. 

Chiayo’s mission is to navigate the world with innovative, technology-driven designs. Their primary product offering includes:

Wireless microphones: Move without restriction during performance or presentation and restrict clutter from your stage space with Chiayo’s range of wireless microphones.

Wireless receivers: Chiayo’s dual- and single-channel digital receivers offer uncompressed audio signal while proprietary encryption transmits high-fidelity sound quality.

Wireless amplifiers: Chiayo’s long list of portable amps blur the lines between tube amps and solid-state amps for home use, as they offer the best of both worlds; the warmth of a tube amp and the ease of having onboard effects in one console. You can take your portable wireless PA system anywhere you go!

Infrared microphones: Chiayo offers a full suite of single/dual infrared microphone solutions for when problems have arisen from the use of radio waves. With options for volume control and built-in sensors, these systems are perfect for connecting adjacent rooms such as conference rooms and classrooms.

Tour guide microphones: Chiayo offer a series of mini digital transmitters and receivers that ensure your guests can hear everything they need to in background-noise dense environments.

Wireless modules: from digital diversity receiver modules to MP3 recorders with Bluetooth receiver modules and interlinking transmitter modules, Chiayo’s wireless module range covers every base.

Conference microphones: unclear audio leads to inefficient collaboration. Chiayo’s suite of gooseneck conference mics allows you to communicate your message clearly with priority buttons for chairpersons or permanent muting of delegate microphones. They also have background noise-cancelling functionality to deliver to all delegate members crystal clear audio no matter the room size or the number of participants. 

Wired microphones: For situations where you don't want your microphone to drop out of range suddenly, Chiayo’s wired microphones limit you to the space provided by your wires, giving you peace of mind in long-distance fields. These wired mics also support as many mics and instruments as you have inputs on your mixing console, so you're not limited as much with your microphone.