BATS Wireless


As many companies are looking for more efficient ways to transmit data and communications, they turn to BATS Wireless for the solution. The flexibility of BATS technology makes it a crucial component around the world, creating the reliable broadband connectivity their customers need.  

BATS products and solutions enable core Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN) to become intelligent, aware, and adaptive, leading to high-capacity broadband infrastructure for clients.  The proprietary software and hardware platform locates, locks, and tracks wireless broadband communication access points.

Using its industry-first platform, BATS Wireless enables organisations to rapidly deploy self-healing, fixed or mobile links over long distances. BATS has set the industry standard for delivering high-bandwidth, high-availability intelligent networks for critical data and communications.

BATS Wireless antenna tracking systems are automated to stabilise, optimise and track broadband communication links. This leads to improved communication distances, additional mobility to terrestrial-based communication systems, and increased bandwidth to end users. BATS technology can extend, offset, or aggregate a variety of network resources, including fibre, Ethernet, WiFi, LTE, WiMax, microwave, or satellite; and can deliver up to gigabit connectivity.


By using the power of directional microwave links, BATS is able to offer a more stable and reliable high-capacity signal with a 30+ kilometre range. Through retransmission, BATS’ microwave links are able to provide the high-capacity signal companies require without the latency or increased cost of satellite.


BATS have set the industry standard for delivering high-bandwidth, high-availability communications for variable range, fixed or mobile deployments. Featuring BATS’ industry-first Single-Touch Provisioning platform, the BATS Enhanced Connection and Optimisation platform arrives ready for immediate, in-field deployment.


BATS systems were designed from the ground up to be compatible with virtually any radio or antenna configuration. If your system does not appear on our Integrated Radios List, we can work with you to create a solution for it to be included.


Using BATS’ industry-leading autonomous stabilisation and optimisation platform, BATS-enabled wireless links can realise signal accuracy to 0.05°, and instantly counteract many of the sensitivity issues that come from misalignment of high-bandwidth microwave antennas.


Directional WWAN links, like those used in BATS-enabled systems, have a longer range. Instead of saturating a small area with a wireless signal, these systems make use of signal power by directing the transmission to a specific recipient. This leads to a high-capacity signal that is nearly 20X stronger than any omni-directional system currently available.


When an omni-directional signal bleeds outside your operational area, your network can be susceptible to signal leeching or malicious attack because potentially dangerous holes in network security are created.

BATS-enabled access points help to mitigate this risk by focusing your signal only to the active GPS location of the receiver you select. This significantly minimises the likelihood of interception.

BATS-enabled systems have measured levels low enough to exceed criteria set during rigorous military acceptance testing with the United States Navy.


BATS’ industry-leading technology is sold in the energy, defence (military and homeland security), cruise, mining, broadcasting, Emergency Services and ferry markets worldwide. BATS has engineered solutions for major oil and gas plays, public safety departments, and defence operations throughout the globe.  The BATS augmentation allows for an array of improved functions, ranging from VoIP calls between at-sea vessels, to critical communications between cruise ships and their operations base at port, to crew and passenger comfort for internet access, gaming and credit card purchasing on ferries and in-port cruise vessels.