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As one of the world's leaders in interactive touchscreen and unified communications/collaboration devices, Newline Interactive is dedicated to creating solutions that are innovative and easy to use. Their display products are found in almost any style of collaborative environment around the world, such as boardrooms, huddle rooms and classrooms.

Newline Interactive’s products bring together:

  • Unique hardware technologies
  • Software applications that are developed in-house
  • Industry-standard interfaces and connectivity
  • Support for the world’s leading communications and collaboration applications

NT+ Series

Simple is often best. The next generation of commercial 4K displays, the newly updated NT+ Series brings you everything you need for presentations, wireless casting, and sharing files and videos. Have everything you want on a bright, vivid display without paying for more features that your organization doesn’t need.

Q Series

Newline’s Q Series answers the call for a more customized and fast-paced digital touch experience.

As your core technology solution for work or class, the touch display must always maintain the same pace of improvements. That’s why the Q Series is your #1 solution to a highly customized and peak performing digital collaboration hub.

Congratulations to Newline for winning the Connected Most Popular Interactive Displays and Electronic Whiteboards of the year 2023