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Interactive Touchscreens and Collaboration Devices

As one of the world's leaders in interactive touchscreen and unified communications/collaboration devices, Newline Interactive is dedicated to creating solutions that are innovative and easy to use. Their display products are found in almost any style of collaborative environment around the world, such as boardrooms, huddle rooms and classrooms.

Newline Interactive’s products bring together:

  • Unique hardware technologies
  • Software applications that are developed in-house
  • Industry-standard interfaces and connectivity
  • Support for the world’s leading communications and collaboration applications
RS Series
The new RS Series is designed for hassle-free, interactive displays in classrooms.  
With a slim-frame design in a range of sizes, front speakers and an on-board PC, the RS Series has all the tools for engaging presentations and interaction in a single 4K UHD display.

The RS Series has up to 20 points of smooth responsive touch, so multiple users can interact at the same time, making it ideal for K-12 teaching situations, turning the classroom into a truly collaborative space.

BYOD enabling allows you to share videos, links and files from any device.

VN Series

The VN Series features upgraded IR touch technology that is more responsive and offers an intuitive and smooth writing experience. The multi-function display is ideal for tertiary education classrooms, seminar rooms and corporate meeting rooms.

The new user interface design, which brings you less clutter and more efficiency, allows you to write seamlessly over your own device’s content.

It boasts stunning 4K Ultra-High Definition resolution and 178-degree viewing angle, making it possible to experience perfect clarity no matter where you sit in the room.

Features include:

  • Optically bonded screen achieves a viewing angle up to 178°
  • 4K Ultra-High Definition resolution redefines clarity images and presentations
  • Interact with a non-proprietary pen or with your fingers
  • Connect with a variety of I/O ports, including 4 HDMI ports and a Display Port
  • Slimmer frame design allows for easier installation
  • Personalized user interface brings less clutter and more efficiency
  • Comes in 65”, 75” and 86” screen sizes

X Series

The X Series features Newline’s TRUFlat technology for a remarkably sleek look. Combined with the easy-to-use interface and equipped with two 1080p wide angle cameras, this series requires no training and makes for one of the most realistic video conferencing experience on the market.

The Trutouch X9 features InGlass™ technology for superior writing experience and combines advanced communication technology and features Montage UC software for easy collaboration,

No matter what type of business you are in, Newline Interactive can help your meeting and collaboration spaces become more efficient.

Features include:

  • Powerful onboard computer stores all files and information locally
  • Collaborate with anyone, anywhere no matter what device or system they use
  • Two 1080p wide-angle cameras let you be seen from anywhere in the room
  • Echo cancellation and noise reduction achieves clear sound quality for all
  • Use your fingers or the proprietary pen for on-screen presentations
  • Android system allows the display to be both on-network and safe for guests to use
  • Comes in 55”, 65”, 70”, 75”, and 86” screen sizes
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