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Unified Communications Conference Technology

Yamaha United Communications have spent decades engineering conference technology that helps to streamline meetings and small conferences. Their communication systems offer users ultra-high audio quality and are renowned for their ease of connectivity and complete flexibility for modern-day meeting and presentation applications.


these systems are purposely designed to streamline and optimise installed audio and video conferencing rooms. They have separate antennas and processors for a wide range of installation options and allow you to manage locally and remotely. Yamaha UC has also refined HD single, duel and venue conferencing technology for lecture rooms and conference spaces that require a small number of microphones. These devices are versatile, simple and smart, delivering exceptional audio quality in the most demanding environments, whether it be large-scale boardrooms or small huddle rooms.

Conference phones

Yamaha UC wireless and wired conference phones come in options for every room size. They are super compact and lightweight, making it the ideal solution for small group conferencing and open collaboration spaces. You can simultaneously place calls over multiple connection interface bridges into a single call with ease. The USB + VoIP conference phone even lets you manage USB and VoIP communications on one device for better audio for computer-based and SIP conferencing.

Conference ensemble

bring superior sound to your large conference room or boardroom with YAI-1 Conference ensemble. Each kit comes complete with pre-configured and installed firmware and software with cables, connectors and wiring included. These professional USB audio solutions come with easy-to-follow instructions and work straight from the box, making setup a breeze.

Video soundbars

fit for even the most unique huddle room requirements, these units allow you to video, audio and screen share all from one simple-to-use wall-mounted system. The beam-forming microphone array and four-speaker soundbar ensures that every word spoken is delivered intelligibly. As an added bonus these units also come equipped with an industry-leading camera with a 120-degree viewing angle.

USB and Bluetooth speakerphones

these speakerphones are perfect for home offices, when travelling for business, in open work environments and for large scale events – there’s a product for every application no matter the size. Each option offers connectivity for laptops, phones or tablet via USB, Bluetooth or NFC.

With a wide range of products and features, Yamaha offer device configurations that perfectly match your room size, group size, and situation 

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Scott Riley from our Integrate Solutions team takes us through the features of Yamaha CS700 video and sound collaboration system.