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Exclusive distributor of Sadowsky Guitars in Australia

With over 80 years of combined experience in traditional instrument craftsmanship, Roger Sadowsky of Sadowsky Guitars and Hans-Peter Wilfer of Warwick GmbH of Germany have teamed up to bring a full range of quality instruments and accessories to musicians worldwide under the Sadowsky brand name.

Known for incomparably fine and effective working tools for professional musicians, Roger Sadowsky felt that finding a partner with the same reputation for impeccable quality and design as well as outstanding customer service was essential.

Hans-Peter Wilfer of Warwick was the partner of choice for Roger, with Warwick’s significant capabilities and successes a key factor in the decision. Roger visited the carbon-neutral Warwick facility in Markneukirchen, Germany. Roger met Marcus Spangler, Director of Manufacturing and R&D for Framus & Warwick, bonding over their shared belief that wood is the foundation for making a great instrument.

With the new partnership, Roger will remain the visionary behind Sadowsky Guitars, with Warwick taking on the task of manufacturing and worldwide distribution. This arrangement allows Roger to remain close to the process while making available several lines of basses, strings and accessories at a wider variety of price points.

Roger has been quoted as saying:

“I am very proud to announce this exclusive licensing agreement with Warwick GmbH of Germany. The agreement will allow me to return to my roots and spend more time at my workbench while allowing more players to have access to my instruments than ever before.

I started in this business as a one-man shop, with the luxury of spending all of my time doing what I love most—crafting instruments. As the demand for my instruments increased, my role morphed  beyond my workbench. After 40 years of working six days a week running the business, I'm thrilled that this partnership with Warwick will enable me to return my focus to custom-built instruments while introducing our instruments and accessories to more musicians than ever before.”