Southwest Antennas

At Southwest Antennas our passion is the design, manufacture, and delivery of high-performance rugged antenna solutions for today’s rapidly evolving wireless markets.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in San Diego California, Southwest Antennas has earned a global reputation for customer service, deep technical knowledge about antennas and wireless technology, and our commitment to finding the right solution for each customer, no matter how complex their needs may be.

Southwest Antennas manufactures over 2,000 RF and microwave antennas of all types operating in frequencies up to 8.5 GHz, and offers a full range of complementary accessory products such as antenna mounting solutions, block downconverters, low noise amplifiers, and filter modules that cover a wide variety of applications.

Our antennas and accessory products are designed, built, and qualified at our head office and manufacturing facility in San Diego, California. We are proud to manufacture our products in the USA and use local vendors when possible in order to maintain our strict quality standards.

Military & Defense Market

Southwest Antennas is proud to be a leading supplier of high-performance, rugged antenna solutions for military communication systems across the globe. In addition to our existing, off-the-shelf antenna product offerings, Southwest Antennas is the engineering partner of choice for many defense contractors and program managers who look to our expertise in delivering robust antenna solutions custom tailored for their specific program requirements.

  • Body worn antennas for soldier-deployed communication and data systems
  • Vehicle antennas for trucks, vans, armored vehicles, UAVs, helicopters, and planes
  • Antennas for major military radio communication systems in use worldwide
  • GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) antennas for precise vehicle / personnel location management and asset tracking
  • Antennas for C4ISR applications
  • Concealment antennas for covert surveillance applications
  • Mounting systems for rapid antenna deployment in mobile environments
  • Antennas for battlefield simulation systems
  • Broadband microwave communications (COFDM & MIMO)
  • Electronics warfare and communications intercept (EW & SIGINT)
  • MANET and mesh network radio antennas

Oil & Gas Market

Southwest Antennas supplies standard and intrinsically-safe antenna products to the gas and oil markets, which rely on our solutions for communication and security aboard vehicles, offshore oil platforms, refineries, and other locations.

Applications include:

  • Communication and video transmission antennas for oil fields
  • Array and sector antennas for pipeline monitoring networks
  • Antenna systems and GPS antennas for transportation commmmunication and asset tracking
  • Oil well and oil rig monitoring

Commercial Products and Applications

Southwest Antennas supplies a wide variety of antennas for commercial wireless applications around the globe, helping to connect people and businesses in our increasingly wireless world. Our antenna products have been used in broadcast TV and film, cellular communication, wireless networking, commercial vehicle communication, and many other applications.

  • MIMO omni antenna solutions for HD video for live sports and braodcast video markets
  • Antennas for university research applications, including unmanned vehciles and robotics research
  • M2M antenna solutions for consumer products with integrated wireless connections
  • UAV / Drone antennas
  • GPS antennas for location services in construction, mining, and agriculture industries
  • Antennas for remote environmental monitoring stations
  • Private label antennas for commercial service providers