Bluesound Professional

Bluesound Professional

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Bluesound Professional is the world’s first streaming music distribution ecosystem for  commercial spaces including retail shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, cafés, showrooms, galleries and museums, medical and dental centres, gyms, funeral homes - anywhere where background music is required in a commercial environment.
A fusion of hardware and software that is purpose-built for high performance networked audio, users can connect and control nearly any audio source, including streaming services, internet radio, or networked hard drives, while installers can confidently specify professional-grade rack-mounted hardware that integrates seamlessly with leading control systems. 
Powered by BluOS, an award-winning multi-zone audio management software platform, Bluesound Professional makes commercial audio installation projects easy to configure, deliver, and use. 

The range includes:

  • Streaming network speakers (PoE) and subwoofers 
  • Single and multi-zone network music streamers 
  • Amplified network streamers 
  • Amplifiers 
  • Keypad controllers
  • Multi-zone systems can be easily created and controlled, the modular nature of the systems means it can be easily expanded over time to accommodate the changing requirements of a business.  

The Bluesound Professional products can access commercial streaming applications such as: 

  • Qsic         
  • Soundmachine
Plus, popular residential streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music and more. New services are added as they become available in the Australian market. 
Bluesound Professional
Download Bluesound Professional application guide here
Download Bluesound Professional PoE application guide here