Triad RF Systems

Triad RF Systems is an innovative designer and manufacturer of RF/Microwave amplifiers and integrated radio systems for challenging environments. Founded 10 years ago by three industry veterans with a combined 65 years of engineering expertise, Triad builds on an outstanding track record of providing high-performing products that meet the stringent SWaP requirements of military and commercial wireless communications, Satcom, radar, and ISR / electronic warfare applications. Our management team now oversees the next phase of innovation that — true to our mission — pushes the limits of data and distance performance standards while delivering the quality that our customers demand.

Data and Distance Reliability You Need

As designers of RF amplifiers and high-power radio systems, we don't buy the tools we need to close RF links, we build them. Our relentless commitment to achieving optimal radio communications and dynamic, long-distance link performance has fueled the development of an unmatched line of products that extend the range of standard radios by other leading manufacturers. We leverage an intimate understanding of what it takes to solve your most challenging RF system challenges as we design, manufacture, and test our products to the most demanding requirements of MIL-STD-810 and more.


Counter UAS

A new generation of advanced UAV detection and defense products have been developed to combat the increasing threat posed by remotely-operated aerial systems. These Counter-UAS systems are tasked to identify, jam, interdict, and defeat everything from purpose-built, military-grade aircraft to weaponized hobby drones. It' a very challenging task to deny and control the wide range of RF spectrum these products operate in.

CubeSat and SmallSat

Closing a Low Earth Orbit link across hundreds of kilometers is challenging, and the difficulty only multiplies as CubeSats become tasked to provide increasing amounts of bandwidth and data rates across limited-spectrum links. The relatively short mission lengths of CubeSats allow for their radio systems to be continually upgraded and deployed at a much faster rate than traditional large satellite deployments. RF subsystem technology must keep pace.

Electronic Warfare

Many of the world’s leading SIGINT, ELINT, Electronic Attack, and Jamming programs rely on Triad’s expertise in RF / Microwave power amplifier and T/R module design to support the smallest, most efficient end systems. Triad has an extensive library of COTS power amplifiers designed for EW. They feature multi-octave broadband operation, high efficiency, flat power and gain characteristics, and compact size. Many of our RF amplifiers and radio systems come standard, or can be customized, with onboard monitoring and control circuitry, further reducing system weight and size.

ISR Data Links

Triad’s heritage as an advanced RF system and multi-function module supplier allows us to work closely with many unmanned systems firms, prime contractors, integrators, and manufacturers of the most advanced radio systems in the industry.

TRIAD Amplified Radio Systems

TRIAD Amplified Radio Systems are a wireless network architect's best choice when time, cost, and optimal performance and range are critical. These fully-integrated and optimized radios are an evolution of many years of experience enabling some of the highest data-rate, longest range ISR wireless links in the Unmanned Land, Sea, and Air Systems industry.