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Spectra Logic are data storage experts who acknowledge the Media and Entertainment industries’ modern day digital archiving challenges and with key industry partners, they offer complete workflow solutions. With more than 30 years of compounded knowledge, Spectra’s solutions focus on usability, 24/7 access to content and first-class density that can simply scale to millions of broadcast hours.


The necessity for fast-paced, file-based workflow in order to remain competitive and productive is constantly growing as broadcasters are creating more and more HD content.

One key aspect in the age of media digitalization is the capacity to successfully manage and protect archived material. Their digital storage solutions are straightforward to use, are made with optimal efficiency by offering the best the industry has to offer in density and is flexible enough so that it meets short and long-term needs.

Post Production:

As content formats increase in resolution, the need for digital storage solutions for post-production workflows in film and television increase too. One constant across all post-production facility sizes, is the need to access assets quickly, regardless of size, format or location. Spectra Logic’s solutions offer cost-effective, scalable and exceedingly accessible archives for non-linear editing, CGI and other storage-heavy post-production processes.


Spectra’s tape library range provides the industry’s best combination of capacity, performance, scalability, reliability, support and affordability.

Spectra is renowned for building the most rugged, reliable tape systems available. With a portfolio of tape solutions that are second to none, Spectra tape libraries protect and preserve a huge amount of the world’s data.

They have been trusted for decades by many of the world’s most recognised organisations, from small to midsize establishments, to large Fortune 50 corporations and government entities.


Spectra® Verde® NAS Solution is the optimal disk platform for the storage of mid-tier data, including primary storage offload, data staging, backup and archiving.

  • Simple to setup, manage and expand
  • Affordable without sacrificing reliability and data protection.
  • Scalable through Verde’s expansion node architecture which maintains the existing footprint by scaling in place with higher capacity drives
  • Flexible to address a variety of workloads, Verde allows users to mix and match models and disk drive types, including 4TB, 8TB and 12TB enterprise drives, 8TB archive drives and high-performance SSD drives. Reliable.


Spectra® BlackPearl® Converged Storage System combines feature-rich software with the latest in hardware platforms to contemporise content storage. It resolves the issue of costly and complex solutions for digital preservation by combining multiple standard interfaces and storage targets into a streamlined answer for diverse workflows.

BlackPearl Converged Storage System unlocks multiple storage targets including:

  • Online disk
  • Nearline disk
  • Deep storage tape
  • Public cloud

The BlackPearl was designed to optimize software and hardware as a single, self-managing, cloud-enabled storage solution.

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