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The Black Mountain Thumb Pick is a boutique thumb pick, also the first in the world to use a spring. This patented technology offers several advantages over traditional thumb picks:

The spring allows the pick to be flexible, so it feels like a regular guitar pick
The spring clamps the thumb ring around the player’s thumb to create a perfect balance between comfort and stability

Invented by Cole McBride, a full-time guitar teacher who was looking for the perfect pick for his students as well as himself. After playing hundreds of different picks, he decided there was room for innovation, and set out to invent a new kind of plectrum. 

Cole spent a lot of time experimenting with different designs, until the idea of a spring came to mind. The Black Mountain thumb pick is built for musicians who enjoy playing with their fingers (fingerstyle) but also enjoy playing with a pick (flatpicking).  

Players love the Black Mountain Pick because it feels like a regular guitar pick and also a traditional thumb pick.

The Freedom Slide!

Switch between traditional and slide guitar, on the fly, whenever you feel the urge!

Revolutionary design allows you to play with four fingers, the way you normally play.
You can bar, fret, play four-finger chords, four-finger scales. There are no limits with the Black Mountain Slide Ring!

Introducing the Black Mountain Slide!

A new invention that takes SLIDE GUITAR to the next level!

Traditional slides come in many different sizes.
Finding a slide that fits can be time consuming and expensive.
The Black Mountain Slide is a PATENTED INVENTION that adapts to your finger Perfect fit, every time!