Choose from the best with Amber Technology’s diverse and extensive range of speakers from a host of market-leading AV brands.

Bookshelf hifi speakers: Our bookshelf speakers from Leon, Mackie, Dali and Sonance suit a range of residential and professional environments and are available in varying specifications. They come in options of two to five-way solutions and singularly or as a pair. Leon’s timber veneer cabinets are aesthetically customisable and ensure you maintain the desired look and feel of a room, while the Mackie THUMP series offers optimal convenience with their highly sophisticated portable units.

Cabinet speaker: Choose from our world-class selection of cabinet speakers from Apart, Leon, Proel, Dali and Sonance. Available in up to 700 Watts, there is a solution to suit all location and budgetary requirements. The Sonance Professional Series is the perfect choice for commercial environments such as restaurants and large conference venues. Apart’s MASK series is versatile and can be used across a multitude of applications.

Ceiling and in-wall speakers: Apart Audio, NHT Audio, Nuvo, Proel and Sonance offer a wide range of in wall speakers and ceiling speakers through Amber’s range. These sleek designs make for an ultra-modern aesthetic in residential environments and highly sophisticated commercial areas. The opportunities are endless, from Sonance’s Visual Performance and Reference Series to Apart’s CM Round Design Series, you won’t be stuck for choice.

Column speakers: With options of up to 100 Watts, our selection of powerful column speakers from Apart Audio are designed purposely for sound reproduction in acoustically difficult venues. Their super sleek aesthetic combined with their advanced technology guarantees optimised sound dispersion and improved speech intelligibility.

Floor standing hifi speakers: Our range of floor-standing speakers from Dali offer an option for three and four-way systems and are perfect for home theatre or home entertainment hifi applications.

Home theatre speakers: Our range of home cinema speaker systems from Dali and Onkyo encompass a wide range of entertainment set ups. With many featuring Dolby Atmos technology and available in speaker kits with receiver included, you can tailor a solution that suits your existing home theatre set up or start fresh by building a plan from the ground up.

Horns and projectors: Our range of horns and projector speakers from Apart Audio are built for large-scale indoor environments and the rugged outdoors with inbuilt weatherproofing to safeguard from natural elements. With up to 30 Watts of power, these horns and projectors are the perfect solution for gymnasiums, PA environments, conference centres, sporting fields and beyond.

Outdoor speakers: Amber’s extensive range of outdoor speakers from Sonance, Sonarray and Apart Audio transcends your ordinary waterproof units. Whether you’re needing your audio to blend into a garden with Sonance Landscape Series or powered speakers for your boat with Sonance Mariner Speakers, we have the right solution for your outdoor audio needs.

Pendant speakers: Classy pendant speakers from Sonance and Apart Audio are designed to compliment existing interior décor. The integrated top cover of Sonance’s Professional Series units hide the hanging hardware and wiring connector to give the appearance of a light fixture. Apart Audio’s spherical pendant speaker are two-way systems that allow a wide and loud sound dispersion, despite minimal number of loudspeakers.

Soundbars: We offer a comprehensive range of soundbars from Leon Speakers, Nuvo, Onkyo and Sonance, each offering equally beneficial features that help transform your home entertainment system into a world-class cinematic experience. From Sonance’s SB46 soundbar to Leon’s highly customisable speakers that can be fixed to a TV screen, there are so many ways to integrate an all-in-one speaker to your entertaining area, without the fuss of multiple units.

Speaker accessories: Our comprehensive selection of speaker accessories from Apart, Leon Speakers, Mackie, Nuvo, Proel and Sonance allows you to get the most out of your audio equipment. We provide speaker bags from Mackie, speaker connectors, speaker adapters, volume controls, timber housing for existing Leon speakers, brackets, mount and so much more.

Subwoofers: our full range of speaker subs from Apart Audio, Dynaudio Professional, Leon Speakers, Onkyo and Sonance transforms an ordinary audio set up into a highly impactful, well-rounded entertainment system. With options of up to 700 watts of power, you won’t be restricted.