Woody Technologies

Woody Technologies

 journalists, operators and engineer’s needs in mind, Woody Technologies intend to invent ways to improve workflows of its customer ultimately saving both time and money.  

Built on an open web-oriented architecture and using modern technology, Woody’s software solutions are also easy to use and easy to deploydesigned to easily integrate into complex workflows or with third party applications. Efficient and powerful. 

Customers include major broadcasters and 
postproduction facilities around the world, who use Woody Technologies software daily to streamline their ingest, outgest and media processing workflows, saving time and resources to focus on added value tasks. Major broadcasters use them to produce news and programs watched by millions of viewers. 


Woody’s objective is to be easy
creating intuitive and user-friendly products. They think as users first and make sophisticated workflows easy to implement and operate. 

Fitted with an intuitive user interface, offering easy integration with PAM and MAM environments and numerous of transfer protocols, the Woody?product range covers the entire scope of file-based ingest workflows for media companies. 

Woody in2it is a single tool designed to manage all ingest operations, both local and remote.  
The three new versions of Woody in2it (in2it, in2it server and in2it Go) released in October 2019 are based on the same?powerful processing engine, and offer an?intuitive user interface, to fit all broadcaster needs for all ingest operations. 

Woody Ingest Live
is designed to simplify and automate live ingest operationsenabling the capture of SDI, NDI and IP Live sources to post-production environments. As part of its rich feature set, Woody Ingest Live supports recording of Skype calls and YouTube Live feeds, among multiple streaming protocols. Woody Ingest Live integrates with the leading MAM and PAM solutions, enabling editing while capturing for Avid® MediaComposer and Adobe® Premiere Pro.  

Woody Social gives journalists the tools to search and ingest trending social content across every network video + metadata into professional production environments.  

Woody Outgest automates transfers from Avid® MediaCentral, managing technical publishing tasks from Avid ® MediaCentral.