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The team at Walla Walla Guitar Company (WWGC) has over 75 years of experience designing, building and playing guitars, focussing that experience into creating instruments that are visually exciting, unique, and play like an old friend.

Located in Walla Walla in Washington state, USA, each Walla Walla electric guitar is unique and made to the customer’s bespoke requirements. A limited range of the most popular models is held in our warehouse, plus custom shop orders can be placed for a bespoke build.

The Maverick Pro range of electric guitars are one-of-a-kind creations that incorporate vintage wood, skins, images, graphics, Crystal Tops, and almost anything you can imagine. Maverick Pros are designed to allow the player to create an instrument that is as unique as they are.
Handcrafted and designed by WWGC, these guitars feature a chambered basswood body for an incredibly light weight (under three kilograms), great acoustic volume, and tone galore. WWGC Speed Necks are made from Canadian Maple with a soft V profile, compound radius and a speedy Tru-Oil finish. This neck sits in your hand like it was made for you, which it is.

The Maverick Pro guitar top is designed to be customised, with many different tops to choose from or you can work with the Walla Walla team to create your own design. Some of the tops in the range are able to be changed out to create multiple tops for your guitar, depending on your mood and requirements.

Walla Walla guitar bodies and necks are painstakingly finished with our special hand rubbed Tru-Oil process, which lets the wood breathe and resonate at its full potential. This finish has a beautiful lustre and natural texture to give Walla Walla guitars warmth and a worn in play-ability.

The Maverick Pro with a fully chambered body has an outstanding acoustic volume. The Sound Tunnel Port on the top side the Maverick Pro’s body focuses sound from inside the guitar up towards the player’s ears. When you combine these two elements, you get a great acoustic sound that is a pleasure to play even when not plugged in.