Established in 2015, French technology company Embrace design user-centric systems that solve operational workflow pains by simplifying complex media workflows, stop repeating tasks, streamline enterprise-wide processes and accelerate digital transformation positively for users.  

Embrace’s expertise lies in the ability to deliver platforms that leverage low-code, Open APIs and other modern industry standards to allow for a maximum amount of customer control to adapt, optimise and build workflows to easily address operational pains.

Trusted by major broadcasters around the world including ABC News, A&E Networks, Canal+, Discovery, Nine Network, RTL Group, Red Bee Media, TF1, Embrace’s partners include Avid, WOODY and Telestream (all distributed by Amber Technology in Australia and New Zealand), Adobe, AWS and others. 

There are three products available in the Embrace ecosystem: 

Automate-IT is the leading promo versioning platform to package and deliver promos automatically. Available for on-premises deployment, in the cloud or in a hybrid mode, Automate-IT enables broadcasters and media services companies to generate customised videos automatically. At scale. 

  • Fully automated 
  • Works with native After Effects projects
  • Graphical chart compliance
  • Huge throughput
  • Third party integration
  • Customisable workflows
  • Web-based interface

Share-IT: focusing on collaboration

Share-IT enables collaboration for Adobe® graphics tools and Avid® MediaCentral environments. Seamlessly connect After Effects and Photoshop with Avid production asset management systems, including Alpha Channel support. 

  • Seamless experience
  • Optimised workflows
  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced quality
  • Constricted security level  

Pulse-IT: focusing on orchestration

Collaboration platform and orchestration engine to empower synergistic media workflows and processes. 
Pulse-IT enables users to translate, optimise, execute and monitor their business and broadcast processes and workflows. Pulse-IT includes simple tools for complex situations built with bundled task templates or extended with minimal code that can be performed immediately or as scheduled jobs. All execution is managed via a comprehensive, real-time, secure dashboard accessible from anywhere in the world. 
At the core, Pulse-IT is the orchestration layer accelerating a wide variety of content creation or broadcast processes from ingesting, transcoding, AI transcription, metadata mining, asset management, asset utilization, automated content processing or postproduction, transcoding, packaging, versioning egress to distribution.