Cables and Connectors

AV Cables and Connectors

Amber Technology has a wide selection of cables and connectors for any type of AV applications. Choose from the following selection of cables and connectors.

Audio signal cables: Audio signal cables are screened, meaning the outer conductor wraps around the other conductor(s) to shield them from electromagnetic interference. Amber Technology’s range of audio signal cables from AmberTec, Apogee, AudioQuest, Australian Monitor, Canare, HDAnywhere, Liberty AV and Rockboard are available in a range of lengths of up to 100 metres.

Connectors: Our range of connectors from AudioQuest, Australian Monitor, Canare, Gefen, Liberty AV, Neutrik, Proel, Rean, Rockboard and Teradek are built to last. From broadcast and professional stage production quality, commercial installation projects  to home hifi speaker systems, our range of connectors suit any type of AV cabling requirement.

Digital Audio Converters (DACs): Also known as digital-to-analog converters, these connection tools from AudioQuest, Gefen, HDAnywhere and One For All convert a digital signal to an analog signal. These converters are available in Bluetooth and USB options and with TOSLINK inputs and Coax outputs.

Musical instrument cables: Our diverse range of musical instrument and pro audio cables from Australian Monitor, AmberTecCanare, Proel, Rockboard and Van Damme can be used for a multitude of purposes. From DMX cables to guitar cables, flat patch cables, mono jacks and microphone cables, we have everything you need to complete your musical set up.

Speaker cables: We offer a selection of speaker cables and AV cables from Accent Audio, AudioQuest , Australian Monitor, Liberty AV and Van Damme with lengths of up to 300 metres for a range of audio equipment setups.

Video cables: Choose from our wide selection of video cables from Australian Monitor, Wyrestorm, AudioQuest, Canare, Gefen and Liberty AV in varying lengths of up to 100 metres. We offer high-speed ethernet cables, 4K video cables, active EQ, active HDMI, coaxial video cables, active optical cables, fibre optic male to male cables and more.

Data cables: Amber’s complete range of data cables from Australian Monitor, AudioQuest, Gefen, and Liberty AV, enable you to transmit information between a computer and server with ease.