Emotion Systems

Emotion Systems focuses on addressing signal processing requirements in File-Based workflows. They can provide high levels of engineering, automated tools for maximum operational efficiency, with toolsets scalable for processing very high volumes of media.

Emotion Systems software tools process and create files in the following formats – MXF, MOV/QuickTime, LXF, GXF, MPG (PS), WAV, AIFF, Dolby E (option)

Other formats, such as P2, can be supported for special projects.

The Emotion System tools also provide comprehensive reporting for assured compliance and client feedback with report customisation available.


Engine is a file-based, flexible and scalable audio server, used for achieving medium to high levels of processing in an automated environment, or for providing cost effective flexibility in large post production facilities.

Engines saves you time and money by automating repetitive tasks commonly done in an edit suite: Loudness Processing, Dolby E transcoding, Stream Processing, File Wrapping, Audio Channel Add / Remove, Language Tagging, Pitch Correction, and almost any type of non-creative audio processing you can think of.


Eff - Emotion File Finish, and is a cost effective software application that ensures loudness compliance in file-based media. Eff complies with the latest standards, based on ITU-R BS.1770 and BS.1771, ATSC A-85, OP59, TRB-32 and EBU R128.