Stage And Studio


Our range offers products designed specifically for the rigours of professional stage and studio productions.

Consoles and Mixers

An audio mixer takes multiple audio signals and blends them together to create a harmonious output. A console is a mixer with additional functionality for channel selection.

Solid State Logic (SSL) are world-leaders in this category, manufacturing high-end mixing consoles and recording studio hardware used by audio engineers across the globe. The range of SSL consoles has models suitable for everything from a small recording studio using an SSL SiX, through to large-scale touring stage production consoles.

Mackie has a solid reputation offering great quality at a cost-effective price. Their consoles and mixers are suitable for home studios and smaller live setups.  

Australian Monitor make a series of mixers suitable for pro audio applications, including the ES Series, HS Series or MX Series.

Other brands of mixers you can choose from in our extensive range include Denon and Roland.

Radial offer a range of products that complement consoles, from pedal interfaces through to power racks. TC Electronic and TC Helicon offer specialised products that work in tandem with a console or mixer to enhance their performance.

Audio Interfaces

Audio interfaces provide the interface between professional audio equipment such as microphones and instruments, and a computer. Apogee has a range of audio interfaces for different requirements, including Apogee Symphony which is designed for studio environments, a multi-channel audio interface for professional recording, mixing and mastering.

Mackie offers a loudspeaker processor to optimize your output for both passive and powered systems.

PA speakers

For live stage productions products are available from Mackie, Renkus Heinz and Denon. Mackie’s range accommodates live performances of all sizes and are well-known for their versatility and compact sizes. Renkus Heinz offer digitally steerable line arrays suitable for the most demanding acoustic environments.

Studio monitors

Monitors are loudspeakers specially designed for studio environments. Dynaudio Professional, Mackie, Tannoy and Denon all offer monitors suitable for use in a studio.

Signal processing

These products enhance transmission, storage and quality in an audio or visual signal. Amber Technology has many brands that can assist with signal processing for stage and studio production.

Choose signal processing products from SSL and Mackie, Barix, Denon, Media Matrix, Wolfvision, Wyrestorm, Xilica and XTA.


If you are into webstreaming, Apogee and TC Helicon offer products you can use in your home studio to record your podcast or web content


We offer a range of accessories for use with stage and studio equipment, including stands and lecterns.

Choose from products in the ranges of Australian Monitor, Denon, Mackie and Proel.