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Recording Equipment

At AmberTech, we carry a line of quality recording equipment from reputable brands, designed specifically for the rigours of professional stage and studio productions.

What type of equipment do you need for recording?

Whether they are professional or home setup, all studios have the essential audio recording equipment that allows musicians and producers to get off to a smooth start. 

Consoles and mixers

While they are often used interchangeably, there are some slight differences between the two. A mixer accepts, blends, and monitors audio signals, while a console also has the same features plus additional functionality for channel selection. Meanwhile, both can be available in either analog or digital form. 

Solid State Logic (SSL) is a world leader in this category, manufacturing high-end mixing consoles and recording studio hardware used by audio engineers across the globe. The range of SSL consoles has models suitable for everything from a small recording studio using an SSL SiX, to large-scale touring stage production consoles.

Australian Monitor makes a series of mixers suitable for pro audio applications, including the ES Series, HS Series or MX Series. Other brands of mixers you can choose from in our extensive range include Denon and Roland. Radial offers a range of products that complement consoles, from pedal interfaces to power racks. 

PA loudspeakers

Used to amplify the human voice, musical instrument, and other acoustic sound sources. A PA system consists of a microphone, a mixer, and loudspeakers in its most basic form.  For live stage productions, products are available from Renkus Heinz and Denon. Renkus Heinz offers digitally steerable line arrays suitable for the most demanding acoustic environments.

Studio monitors

These typrs of loudspeakers are often called monitors, and are used in professional audio production environments such as recording studios, stage productions, home studios, television studios, radio studios, and other setups where accurate sound reproduction is essential. Dynaudio Professional and Denon all offer monitors suitable for use in a studio.

Signal processing

These products 'clean’ the audio signal by removing unwanted noise and balancing the time-frequency ranges through converting digital and analog signals, thereby enhancing transmission, as well as storage and quality in an audio or visual signal. Amber Technology has many brands that can assist with signal processing for stage and studio production. Choose signal processing products from SSL, Barix, Denon, Media Matrix, Wolfvision, Wyrestorm, Xilica and XTA.


We offer a range of accessories for use with stage and studio equipment, including stands and lecterns. Choose from products in the ranges of Australian Monitor, Denon and Proel.

At Amber Technology, you can find professional consoles and mixers with large channel counts and connection types, allowing you to connect to multiple channel inputs and use different line inputs simultaneously. These studio devices also offer numerous onboard signal processing, allowing you to save money since you won’t need to buy many outboard gears. 

How to set up your recording equipment?

Thanks to affordable recording equipment, nowadays, it’s easier to set up your own recording studio. All you need are a few key pieces of audio equipment plus a recording microphone and  acoustic panels and a couple of extra inches of table space.

You also need a reliable computer, which will serve as the backbone for your professional or home studio. A good rule of thumb is using something with decent storage and is capable of easily processing the audio signals you are recording. While some producers have a full desktop setup, many prefer to use a laptop so they can record and track anywhere. 

Where to buy the best recording equipment?

Suppose you need recording studio supplies and accessories such as AV cables, loudspeakers and recording microphone, then you can visit our website where you can easily search for the equipment you want to purchase or contact one of our authorised dealers if you have any questions.