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Acoustic Panels and Treatments

Primacoustic manufactures advanced acoustic panels for a wide range of applications in pro audio, commercial and residential environments. Acoustic panels can be either hung from or fixed to the ceiling or secured to a vertical wall, and are used to absorb sound, reduce slap echo and regulate comb filtering in any closed-room environment.

With over 30 years’ experience in studio and live sound, the Primacoustic range includes different types of panels from wall-mounted to overhead sound baffles for ceilings, to commercial acoustic panels for meeting rooms, or custom printable acoustic panels for walls to enhance interior design requirements.

Room kits

Primacoustic room kits are designed to be easy-to-use, combining the most commonly used components such as wall panels, bass traps, diffusion, and hardware to address the most common acoustic challenges in a room.

London Acoustic Room Kits

Primacoustic studio treatment kits are a complete recording studio in a box with LEDE (live end, dead end) room design, and have been developed for rooms with dimensions typically found in both residential and commercial construction.

Clarity Room Kits

Clarity offers small office room kits – ideal for huddle spaces, boardrooms, home or shared offices. The purpose of this kit is to provide absorption that will fade into the background while bringing conversations and message into focus. The panels included in the kit have been assembled to easily create designs or patterns as a room feature, or to blend into the walls. How to use the Clarity room kit can be adapted to the needs of the space and the room designer.

Broadway Acoustic Panels

Attractive, 'easy to install' solutions for acoustic treatment to control primary reflections, eliminate flutter echo and reduce standing waves. Primacoustic Broadway is a range of high-performance fabric covered acoustic panels designed for use in applications where superior acoustic performance is desired and safety is of utmost concern.

They are available in a range of size and include Scatter Blocks and Honeycomb shapes to create interesting design elements in acoustic panelling.


Primacoustic Hercules™ panels are absorption panels that are designed for installation in a high traffic environment such as gymnasiums, offices, classrooms, and other public spaces. While most acoustic panels are delicate and susceptible to damage, Hercules will help to reduce reverberation while looking like new after repeated impact.

Paintable/Printable acoustic panels

Primacoustic Paintables™ can be painted any colour or images such as photos or artwork can be printed on them by commercial printers, making them a great option for interior design requirements that also need acoustic sound panels.

Paintables provide balanced absorption at all frequencies and are available in different sizes. They are suitable for both large scale and small room installations including houses-of-worship, airports, home theatres, offices, call centres, boardrooms, restaurants, video conferencing, huddle rooms, broadcast facilities and recording studios of all sizes.

Bass Traps

Bass control is without a doubt the most challenging aspect to creating the ultimate acoustic space. Primacoustic offers a wide selection of bass traps to suit every need. MaxTrap and FullTrap both have advanced diaphragmatic resonators to naturally migrate to the problem frequency, delivering unmatched absorption. Cumulus tri-corner traps deliver unobtrusive control for deep low mids that are common in rooms and sound booths with professional microphones installed.

Ceiling Clouds and Treatments

Treating ceilings can result in the best solution for acoustic sound control so Primacoustic offers a wide array of ceiling panels for all kinds of situations. In larger venues and commercial installations ceiling acoustic treatments are particularly effective, as windows, doors and artwork can limit the space for acoustic panels on walls. Drop-down T-Bar ceilings can also present an unwanted conduit for sound transmission if left unchecked.

For recording studios, Stratus ceiling clouds are modular to achieve optimal control of sound at the mix position. Radiators are another modular system with architectural flair. Nimbus and Cloud Paintables are designed for commercial installations such as restaurants, cafes, museums and retail spaces. For rooms with high ceilings, the Saturna range offers vertical suspensions. Ceiling Clouds can be installed to blend well with ceiling speakers and lighting fixtures.

Diffusion Solutions

There's nothing more enjoyable than working in a room with proper diffusion. Primacoustic offers a complete array of diffusers to address all needs. Award-winning Razorblades achieve quadratic diffusion. For maximum diffusion outcomes Flexfuser has both rotating reflectors and an internal absorber.


A selection of versatile Gobo (go-between) acoustic control solutions for multi-purpose rooms containing audio equipment.

IsoTools For Studio and Stage

Primacoustic offers a complete selection of acoustic isolation devices to attenuate unwanted sounds from entering nearby recording microphones.

Primacoustic offers a product for audio equipment in loudspeaker isolation to suit various needs and budgets from a home studio to more complex post production and broadcast requirements.

Flexibooth Voiceover Booths

Flexibooth is an instant vocal booth that is wall mounted and looks like a cupboard with a black melamine finish when not in use.

Flexibooth opens up to surround the singer creating a dry ‘voice-over’ zone. The innovative design separates and attenuates room ambiance from the voice recording, which then allows the sound engineer to add echo or reverb and equalise the voice to best suit the performance in post-production.

The FlexiBooth can also be used as a variable room ambiance controller. In large professional studios variable acoustic panels are used to adapt room acoustics. Brighter ambiance is usually preferred for acoustic instruments, while a darker ambiance is often chosen for voice and electric guitars. Using multiple FlexiBooths around a room can create different acoustic environments by simply opening or closing the FlexiBooth doors.

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