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Audio Processors

Xilica has set the industry benchmark in world-class, premium, configurable DSP systems since it was founded in 2002 in Toronto, Canada. Harnessing their previous experience in loudspeaker DSP development, the team at Xilica have been able to develop optimised, high-end audio processors that have realised  the potential of next generation audio systems.

One aspect of their product offering they’ve become known for is their development in floating-point DSPs for supporting high bit rates.


Xilica's primary product offering includes:


Solaro FR1: this product allows you to creatively customise your I/O count with new, all-modular, ultra-high-performance Solaro FR1 DSP from Xilica.


Solaro QR1: modular I/O architecture processors give you endless features from a quarter-rack-width DSP without the burden of heavy, clunky machinery.


Solaro XIO: this modular I/O expansion frames from Xilica allow you to expand your system and future-proof your installations quickly and affordably. 


Solaro I/O option cards: Pick and mix custom I/O configurations with these handy option cards.


XWP control: take advantage of ultra-durable OLED network control with PoE and managed entirely through Xilica Designer.


XD Series / XP Series: this series’ fixed architecture DSP processors set the highest standard in audio performance to fixed-architecture DSP.


Rio: the Rio series of Dante IO interface devices can augment the Dante capability of Xilica processors and offer standalone Dante interfaces.


Neutrino: these open architecture DSPs offer efficient configuration and extensive connectivity options.


UNO: the UNO classic App-based DSP significantly reduces working time and overheads with Xilica’s pre-configured range of Uno Series processors. They’re perfect for a broad range of fixed audio installations.

XTouch: these sleek, XTouch50 and XTouch80 glass-to-glass touch controls make command impossibly easy with simple drag and drop programming from the Xilica Designer.


Xilica Designer: Xilica’s bespoke software has made a name for itself in recent years, for earning the reputation of making integrator’s lives a whole lot easier by providing a world-class control platform for third party products.


With over 17 years of experience in providing digital signal processing devices for the professional market, XIlica set the benchmark in reliability, affordability and quality.

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