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Our AC Infinity cooling components specialise in cooling and venting solutions for today's residential audio, video and computer systems - from spot-cooling AV components and display screens to venting cabinets and equipment closets.

Cabinet Fan Systems

Airplate Series Cooling

A standard USB plug provides a convenient power ON from most AV equipment. The USB power out can expand up to four fans. Custom 67,000 hour dual ball-bearing motors work to minimise noise and vibration. The multi-speed controller sets the fan’s speed to optimal noise and airflow levels and if you add a power pack, the airflow is increased by 25%.

CNC machined aluminium frames feature a brushed black grille, with a white finish grille kit available as an option for some models. The rear protection grille delivers a finished appearance and is featured on all the Airplate models.



A thermal management fan system designed to control the temperatures of racks requiring high airflow and tolerance of a louder noise level. Features a 19 x 3.5 x 1.5-inch cold-rolled steel enclosure painted black that can be mounted onto most 19-inch racks and takes two rack units of space (2U). The unit is designed to exhaust out heated air and should be positioned near the top of the rack. Fans run at 2200 to 4200 RPM and are custom engineered to minimise noise during speed variations. Rated at 67,000 hours, each dual ball bearing fan is certified by CE, UL, TUV, and RoHS. Includes 12V power supply and screw sets to easily mount the fan unit onto a rack and power it through a standard wall outlet.



Triggered Component Coolers are built for ultra-quiet design, with intelligent programming with three program modes, temperature trigger setting, four speeds, and power outage memory. Dual ball-bearing fans containing a PWM-controlled motor are mounted with silicone to minimise noise.

Smart Component Coolers have automated programming that is easy to configure including self adjusting cooling in response to prevailing environment temperatures. Dual ball-bearing fans containing a PWM-controlled motor are mounted with silicone to minimise noise. Additional features include six speed settings, ports to connect additional fans, alarm and fan failure triggers.



The Multifan Series features quiet USB blowers that can be placed on top of various electronics and components. It has a multi-speed controller with three speed settings and off switch located on the cord. The 1.2m power cord terminates to a 5V DC USB plug for direct connection to any USB port. Includes four silicone fan mounts that are attached to the bottom of the blower to absorb vibrations and to reduce noise. Each unit contains an additional USB port, up to four blowers can be daisy chained together to share the same power source. Rated at 67,000 hours.

Power Packs are not included unless specified.

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AC Infinity Cooling System
AC Infinity Cooling System
AC Infinity Cooling System