Guitars and Basses

Guitars and Basses

Amber Technology’s range of electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, and guitar accessories offer many different options if you are looking to buy a guitar.

Acoustic Guitars

Amber Technology’s stunning range of acoustic guitars from the Framus Legacy Series continues the tradition of the classic handmade instruments the company is famous for, offering the best sound, high-quality acoustic guitars at an affordable price. All acoustic guitars from Framus are built to the utmost quality and standard of workmanship.

Bass guitars

Choose from either Warwick or Sadowsky brand bass guitars, which are both renowned in the electric guitar category, and are all masterpieces in their own right offering a superb playing experience.

Warwick’s spectacular range includes:

The Masterbuilt Series from Warwick combine tasteful, elegant design with rugged and powerful bass audio output. The Thumb, Corvette and Streamer editions are available in options for 4-string and 5-string and feature a number of different timbers.

Acoustic Bass Guitars are available as a 4-string and 5-string option, these acoustic bass guitars feature a mahogany neck and a natural transparent satin look for its laminated spruce and laminated Ovangkol body.

The Warwick Rockbass Series includes Corvette, Fortress, Alien Deluxe, Star Bass, Artist Line, Idolmaker, Streamer, Alien, Vampyre, with many coming in options of 4-string and 5-string and are available with varying sizes and specifications.

Warwick’s Teambuilt Pro Series come in both 4-string and 5-string options and a range of timbers such as Swamp Ash and Cherry. Choose from Thumb, Corvette, Artist lines, Streamer, Pro Series Streamer, Corvette Bubinga according to aesthetic preference and varying audio effects.

Sadowsky Basses are world-renowned instruments manufactured under license by Warwick in Japan under the guidance of Yoshi Kikuchi.

The Sadowsky MetroLine Series is a product developed by Roger Sadowsky so that working musicians and amateur players alike could have access to the legendary features of a Sadowsky Bass. Featuring a solid body, Sadowsky pickups, preamps and hardware, some features are standardised.

Metro Express is an entry-level introduction to Sadowsky, offering an affordable way to buy a legendary Sadowsky bass guitar. Made in Japan with the same exacting standards as MetroLine, with classic Sadowsky pickups, strings and hardware, plus Treble and Bass boost preamp with a  true bypass switch.

Electric Guitars

Amber has a range of Framus electric guitars for varying applications and experience levels. Whether you’re a beginner or professional performing artist, there’s a guitar for everyone including the Devin Townsend Stormbender, Panthera II Supreme, William Duvall Artist Series and the Television Teambuilt guitar.

Walla Walla Guitar Company offer a truly unique range of electric guitars in their Maverick Pro Series, with an eclectic mix of vintage wood, images and graphics, Crystal Tops and interchangeable guitar tops.

Guitar pedals and guitar effects

As well as our range of acoustic, bass and electric guitars for sale, Amber also offers a range of music equipment you need to complement your guitar. Whether you are looking for reverb, distortion, delay or loop, you will find the pedal you need from our range.  

Strymon are world-renowned precision crafted effects pedals and music electronic products.

Hotone’s design inspiration is to bring high quality products at an affordable price.

Radial’s DI boxes, splitters and audio interfaces ensure pristine sound is delivered during your playing experience.

Cioks power supplies and cables are the quietest, most reliable power supplies on the market for guitar and instrument processors, trusted by musicians around the world.

Peterson Strobe Tuners and Metronomes keep you in tune as you play your guitar.

Guitar Accessories

Complete your music set up with Amber’s range of guitar accessories.

If you’re looking for an amp stand, replacement guitar strings, guitar bee wax or guitar rack stands, thumbpicks and guitar straps then look no further than Amber’s extensive range of guitar accessories.

Rockboard by Warwick takes the experience from the team at Warwick and apply it to creating innovative products for building, wiring and powering pedalboards, plus effects setups, cables, board designs, bags and cases, and guitar stands.

Black Mountain Thumb Picks are designed with patented spring technology for a great playing experience that allows you to easily swap between the pick and finger playing.

The Richter range has a strap for your electric or acoustic guitar, bass or ukulele, with both high quality leather and vegan materials available.

We also have professional microphones for vocals and instruments available from DPA Microphones and JTS. Choose your next mic for your band from our range.

The Amber cables and connectors range is extensive, and includes all types of cables for guitars, speaker cable, and more.

If you are looking for recording equipment to capture your sound, Amber Technology can help you with that as well, with all the pro audio gear you need to create your studio.

Where can I buy the best guitar near me?

If you are wondering how to choose the right guitar, talk to one of our friendly musical instrument dealers who specialise in guitar sales and can help you make the right decision.
Find a dealer near you using our dealer finder, with both instore and online sales available to place your order. Just enter your postcode and the brand you are interested in.