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Founded in 1948, Peterson is renowned for its top-line music strobe tuning and metronome equipment, used by touring and studio musicians around the world. As a leading researcher and manufacturer for over 60 years, Peterson have lead the way for innovation in the market of instrument tuning and metronomes.

The Illinois (USA) based company has harnessed its knowledge and experience of six decades in the industry to bring its customers the most precise and accurate tuners on the market, for a range of experience levels. Whether you're an astute musical instrument builder, a recording artist or audio engineer, there is something for everyone in Peterson's flexible and diverse range of strobe tuners and metronomes. 

Due to decades of research, Peterson's strobe tuners feature their innovative Sweetener presets which were designed for specific instruments and used all over the world. These presets were designed to assist in tuning a multitude of string and wind instruments. 

StroboClip HD

just like all other Peterson models, the StroboClip HD achieves pinpoint accuracy. Its high-definition screen makes it easier to tune instruments in darkened rooms and it has over 50 sweetened tuners for quick and efficient tuning on the go. 

TP-3 Clip-On

The Peterson TP-3 Clip-on Tuning pickup has a more sensitive piezo pickup than its very successful predecessors. A more sensitive pickup improves the signal transmission of your acoustic instrument into your tuner. The larger clip-on device allows you to easily adjust and fix the tuner to compromising or difficult spaces without risking damage to the instrument.

StroboPlus HD

This handy little device is regarded as being the most favoured desktop digital tuner on the market. It fits in the palm of your hand and has the same pinpoint accuracy with its built-in electric condenser microphone, usability and functionality as it’s larger counterparts.

BodyBeat Sync

This musical tempo reference device has an embedded metronome and is able to transmit the beat by visual, aural and tactile means. This unit is wireless, allowing it to work with over two BodyBeat Syncs.

BodyBeat Pulse Solo

This is a rechargeable, active clip-on device that gives every electronic metronome the ability to silently convey tempo. It will even work with other metronome apps on your mobile device.


This adapter cable was designed specifically to work alongside your Apple or Android phone or tablet, allowing you to connect an instrument, microphone or tuning pick-up with a 0.25-inch plug from your device to the headphone jack.


This versatile mobile tuning pickup clips safely to any musical instrument you desire. It catches the pitch using its piezo pickup sending it directly to your mobile tuning application.