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Radial Engineering is a Canadian manufacturer of the world’s finest and most reliable, industry standard products used on stages and studios across the globe. Radial gear is the pro’s choice enlisted by the biggest acts of all-time including Paul McCartney, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and Rush, just to name a few. Not only for musical applications either, Radial products are fast becoming the chosen brand by audio and video integrators for use in non-music applications purely for their problem-solving ingenuity where pristine audio is required. Amber Technology is the exclusive distributor of Radial Engineering products in Australia and New Zealand.


Direct Box & Instrument Preamps

Radial DI’s allow you to connect instruments, microphones and playback devices to professional audio devices and systems such as standard PA systems, mixing consoles, recording interfaces and even over the Dante network. From the portable StageBug range right up to the Rackmount DI -Radial DI’s and Preamps are built with the same dedication and commitment to excellence as all Radial products and they offer the best price/performance ratio in the industry.

Switchers & Splitters

Radial manufactures a wide range of Switcher and Splitter devices for all levels of music performance and live production applications. Radial Splitters allow you to split and distribute audio signals to multiple locations without losing sound quality or having buzz and hum from ground loops. Radial Switchers allow you to switch between one or two instruments, mics or amps right up to large scale, more complex touring guitar, mic and keyboard rigs and playback systems. Radial’s range of innovative and useful Switchers and Splitters are built "Radial tough" to give years of trouble-free service.


For connecting between a range of devices, Radial Interface boxes provide the correct connection type, help optimize the signal transfer whilst eliminating issues caused by changing signal levels. Connect analog to digital, USB, Bluetooth, over Cat 5 and even over the Dante network. Radial’s range of interfaces cover all applications from home hobbyist, live performance through to professional studio and custom installation requirements with prewired networks.

500 Series

Radial’s 500 Series racks and modules allow the professional recording world to tap into the legend and reliability that is world renowned in Radial branded products. 500 Series offer a range of racks and sound modules, allowing you to take the studio anywhere you want. The Cube, Sixpack and Workhorse racks to the 10-slot Powerhouse allow you to fill up on Radial’s range of 500 Series modules such as Preamps, EQ, Routing, Reamp and Processing – whilst also having the option to install modules from any manufacturer!

Guitar Effects, Amp Simulation & Load Boxes

Tonebone and Radial branded load boxes allow you to attenuate your amplifier without compromising your guitar tone. The range of amp simulators provide consistent sound for both live gigging as well as home hobbyist guitar players wanting quality guitar tone when mic’ing your amp is not an option. The Tonebone range of effects provide pro quality Overdrive, Distortion and Boost options
Radial Engineering
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