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Williams AV manufactures pro AV technology for inclusion and engagement. At Williams AV, they believe that understanding is more than just hearing the words someone is speaking. When technology improves intelligibility and visibility, people can engage in every aspect of communication. Ideas are shared and productivity increases when everyone is included and able to collaborate.

For nearly 50 years their products have helped simplify communication over distance and across both physical and language barriers. Starting out as an assistive listening system manufacturer, they have expanded our expertise in AI-powered captioning and translation,  wireless intercom, video annotation, and systems that help with human interpretation.

Williams AV pro AV products can be found in over 60 countries in venues ranging from classrooms and courtrooms to houses of worship and stadiums. The Williams Sound personal products are used daily in homes across all continents.

Williams AV helps people hear, see, and engage.


As leaders in hearing assistance technology, Williams AV has been “helping people hear” for over 40 years.

Williams AV is a global leader in  hearing assistance technology. Their products are used to meet accessibility requirements anywhere background noise room acoustics or distance from the sound source presents a listening challenge.

From hearing assistance and language interpretation technology to personal hearing assistance devices, Williams has set the benchmark in high-performance assistive listening technology that ticks every box for every application.


  • Hearing loops: Digi-Loop room loop system enables listening applications in large, medium and small rooms where an installed solution is required
  • Induction loops: IR range of infrared systems that are built so that secure, direct and clear delivery of the spoken message is achieved in any room size. Williams' induction loop systems transmit verbal audio into the listener's ear using premium T-coil technology. Whether you require a counter loop amplifier, small room loop amplifier for service desks or a small room amplifier for public visiting points, Williams' have a product to suit your personal hearing requirements.
  • Assistive listening: highly advanced WiFi, digital, captioned assistive listening technology that delivers crystal clear sound quality for all public spaces.
  • Intercom/tour guide equipment: these compact two-way digital communication devices are simple to use, making focused group leader and participant communication a breeze. DigiWave is Williams’ world-class two-way digital communication technology, small enough to fit in your pocket, making them the ideal solution for wireless intercoms, language interpretations and tour guides.
  • Interpretation and translation technology: fit for schools, meeting environments and even houses of worship and courtrooms, these devices break the language barrier with ease.
  • Video annotation: these sophisticated systems allow you to annotate directly over an image or video and offer a wide range of features, such as HDCP support and 1- to 4- port USB Line drivers.


Pocketalker: Designed specifically for mobility and ease of transportation, this device minimises background noise while amplifying sound that's closest to the listener. This compact unit means you can take it with you wherever you go.

Congratulations to Williams AV winner of two Connected Most Popular Awards:

  • Digital Modulator
  • Hearing Loop

Case Study


It’s the type of task you’d imagine many government departments need to take care of all the time: Take a VC call with an equivalent department overseas and conduct business via interpreters. It may not be exotic or glamorous, nonetheless, effective communication is critical to doing intergovernmental business, where every word, phrase and inflection can be crucial.

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